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Emerald, oval cut, 1.11 ct

[Cod. SM0251]

Refined and elegant oval cut for this fine Emerald specimen over one carat  and harmonious proportions. Bright and naturally shining crystal and nice color point.


Price:  1.330,00

Colombian Emerald, octagon cut, 1.93 ct

[Cod. SM0231]

The value of Colombian origin is combined with the undoubted beauty of this gem, which Mother Nature has gifted with a magnificent color point, enhanced


Price:  3.985,00

Emerald, oval cut, 2.95 ct

[Cod. SM0214]

Undoubtedly among the most prestigious gems, Emerald remains today among the most desired and appreciated gems in the world of high jewelery. This beautiful specimen


Price:  1.995,00

Colombian emerald, octagonal cut, 0.88 ct

[Cod. SM0201]

Gemologically speaking the most valuable emeralds are the most saturated, full and intense green ones. Exemplars like this one however, are able to fascinate even


Price:  899,00

Emerald, drop cut, 0.91 ct

[Cod. SM0163]

A beautiful color, intense and lively, animates this Emerald coming from the African mines. The drop cut from the harmonious profile and beautiful proportions makes this gem


Price:  1.089,00

Emerald, drop cut, 0.84 ct

[Cod. SM0183]

Magnificent specimen of African Emerald, definitely candidate to become the protagonist of a charming jewel. Beautiful point of color, luminous and brilliant, harmonious proportions and


Price:  925,00

Emerald, drop cut, 1.17 ct

[Cod. SM0181]

Extraordinary color for this beautiful specimen of Emerald from the fine drop cut. For carat weight and shape this gem lets easily imagine a pendant from


Price:  1.275,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Emerald, drop cut, 1.06 ct

[Cod. SM0171]

A great point of color, vivid yet bright, makes this specimen Emerald an interesting choice for a refined pendant or a sophisticated ring. The well


Price:  1.159,00

Emerald, octagonal cut, 0.85 ct

[Cod. SM0167]

Always seen as synonymous with excellence and value, Emerald is undoubtedly among the most beloved gems. The magnificent light of this beautiful exemplary will not


Price:  925,00

Emerald, drop cut, 1.91 ct

[Cod. SM0169]

Fine specimen of Emerald Classic from the drop cut -cut with harmonious proportions. The gem has a very good point of color, intense and brilliant


Price:  2.060,00

Emerald, octagonal cut 3.01 ct

[Cod. SM0187]

Emerald with excellent characteristics. The crystal is transparent and faceted step cut makes it very bright. The warm green color is very refined and Zambian mines, where


Price:  4.190,00

Octagonal cut colombian emerald, 0.82 ct

[Cod. SM0143]

Excellent hue for this beautiful Colombian emerald. The octagonal cut gives light to this beautiful gemstone which will be set on a classic ring with


Price:  695,00

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