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Tanzanite, drop cut, 4.27 ct

[Cod. TZ0119]

Gemstone now considered rare and increasingly appreciated in its best examples, Tanzanite is certainly an interesting purchase with a sure effect. This beautiful drop of


Price:  1.645,00

Pair of Tanzanites, oval cut, 6.79 ct

[Cod. TZ0116]

Known and appreciated no longer just by connoisseurs, the Tanzanite is undoubtedly a gem that can give life to a special jewel, thanks to the


Price:  2.425,00

Tanzanite, octagon cut, 4.25 ct

[Cod. TZ0123]

A special octagonal cut gives this beautiful sample of Tanzanite magnificent sparkles and enhances the exceptional transparency of the crystal. By size, a gem suitable


Price:  1.435,00

Tanzanite, cushion cut, 3.57 ct

[Cod. TZ0097]

The beautiful cushion cut of this Tanzanite gives the naturally bright and crystal clear, an extraordinary brilliance. Proportions and size make it a perfect choice for


Price:  1.460,00

Tanzanite, drop cut, 7.21 ct

[Cod. TZ0098]

Exceptional size for this beautiful Tanzanite from the refined drop cut and an outstanding color point. Stone suitable for a pendant from an extraordinary impact,


Price:  3.150,00

Tanzanite, octagonal cut, 4.55 ct

[Cod. TZ0106]

A refined octagonal cut from good proportions and great frontal dimensions combines to a beautiful color and a crystal clear and pure in this excellent specimen of


Price:  1.795,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Tanzanite oval cut, 12.33 ct

[Cod. TZ0093]

A gorgeous Tanzanite gemstone of remarkable weight in carats with excellent qualities for clarity of crystal and brightness of color. The oval faceted cut is


Price:  6.785,00

Oval cut tanzanite, 7.40 ct

[Cod. TZ0095]

Gemstone with clear crystal, very bright and vivid color, excellent features that are combined with considerable weight in carats. The brilliant faceted cut with oval


Price:  3.690,00

Tanzanite, oval cut, 4.44 ct

[Cod. TZ0050]

Birthstone of those born in the month of December, the Tanzanite captivate at first glance others also, thanks to the brilliance and richness of its


Price:  1.890,00

Oval cut tanzanite, 3.46 ct.

[Cod. TZ0085]

The Tanzanite name was coined from the jewelry Tiffany and Co. in New York and refers to the mining area of this gemstone: Tanzania. This specimen


Price:  1.430,00

Tanzanite, octagonal cut, 4.04 ct.

[Cod. TZ0072]

Of this beautiful tanzanite, immediately strikes the beautiful flawlessly executed octagonal cut that enhances the beautiful blue hue, enriched by light violet shades. The excellent


Price:  1.698,00

Oval cut tanzanite, 3.57 ct.

[Cod. TZ0075]

The beautiful, numerous and brilliant sparkles of this oval cut tanzanite make even more beautiful this crystal that enjoys excellent gemological characteristics. His blue/purple hue


Price:  1.475,00

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