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Orange Tourmaline, drop cut, 10.16 ct

[Cod. TO0140]

Over ten carats in weight and a single point of color, which fades from peach pink to a coral orange for this tourmaline with a


Price:  1.090,00

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Rubellite Tourmaline, octagon cut, 9.78 ct

[Cod. TO0143]

A unique point of color, between pink, red and a warm orange, lets imagine for this beautiful Rubellite of almost ten carats the creation of


Price:  975,00

Green Tourmaline, oval cut, 3.99 ct

[Cod. TO0137]

Verdelite tourmaline gemstone with a rare light green color. The oval cut is proportionate and very bright thanks to the rich faceting and a transparent


Price:  425,00

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Red Tourmaline, oval cut, 7.57 ct

[Cod. TO0145]

This Rubellite specimen has important dimensions, excellent caliber and quality characteristics. The red variety of tourmaline with saturated color and clear crystal is very rare


Price:  1.130,00

Paraiba Tourmaline, cushion cut, 4.37 ct (IGI)

[Cod. TO0131]

State of Brazil located on the northeastern coast of the country, Paraiba is the place where this rare and spectacular variety of tourmaline was first


Price:  4.290,00

Pair of red Tourmalines, oval cut, 2.81 ct tot.

[Cod. TO0130]

For those who love gems from unusual colors, this beautiful pair of Tourmalines is a choice of great personality, thanks to the very particular rose,


Price:  265,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Pair of Red Tourmalines, oval cut, 2.23 ct tot.

[Cod. TO0123]

A beautiful and deep cherry red on an oval from dimensions suitable for any realization for this pair of Red Tourmalines coming from the Brazilian mines.


Price:  235,00

Rainbow Tourmaline, octagonal cut, 12.14 ct

[Cod. TO0121]

Legend has it that the Tourmaline traveling along the rainbow brought with it all the colors, as it is one of the few species that


Price:  989,00

Green Tourmaline, drop cut, 5.21 ct

[Cod. TO0115]

A refined and very elegant choice, this beautiful drop-shaped Tourmaline: the magnificent green point combines overseas nuances with bright gleams of a warm sage green,


Price:  475,00

Red Tourmaline, oval cut, 12.64 ct

[Cod. TO0122]

An intense red with a lively shade of pink for this beautiful specimen of Tourmaline, variety Rubellite, over twelve carats in weight and almost two centimeters in


Price:  1.154,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Green Tourmaline, drop cut 1.98 ct

[Cod. TO0111]

Also known as Verdelite, Green Tourmaline is widely used in crystal therapy as it is considered a powerful talisman. Intense and deep the green of


Price:  125,00

Green tourmaline octagonal cut, 3.60 ct

[Cod. TO0084]

Very bright, beautiful green tourmaline, thanks to a well-done faceted octagonal cut this gem shines and holds a lot of charm. A gem with excellent characteristics and


Price:  227,00

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