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    Customized Jewels

    "From unique gemstones to the jewel of your dreams"

How to create your jewel

Unique custom-made creations

1. Select your gemWe offer the richest and most accurated catalogue of precious stones, selected one by one and guaranteed by our gemological laboratory

2. Select your gem frameMatch your gemstone with the setting of your dreams. We design our settings with attention to every detail, around your gem and your desires

3. Complete your creationCreate your unique jewel and receive it comfortably at home, in an exclusive and elegant packaging, ready to be worn and win the heart at first sight

Why choose Luxedo

  • Authenticity of our gems: not only guaranteed but also certified by Gemmologists.
  • Unique jewelry, shaped around the gem and with custom-made design.
  • Our expert staff at your service for all stages of the creation process.
  • A precious jewel entirely realized by Italian jewelry craftsmanship.
  • A certain result, guaranteed only by modern techniques.
  • Elegant and exclusive packaging.

From a unique gemstone to a unique jewel

As a tailor who designs, cuts and sews the dress on the perfect fit for those who’ll wear it, so Luxedo realizes each jewel taking care of the creation process in every detail, from the customized design on the features of the gemstone that will be the star, to the creation of wax prototype, the casting in one piece and the accurate finishing of the jewel, each time for each creation. Since all our gemstones are unique, once you will have choosen yours, we offer a simulation in PhotoRenderings of your jewel, thanks to modern jewelery design software in 3D. The project that we will propose can be perfected and personalized in every detail, so that it corresponds exactly to your wishes.

Once approved the final design, we’ll give begin the manifacturing of your jewel, in a real marriage between modern technology and traditional craftsmanship: through three-dimensional printers, we create a wax prototype of the jewel, faithful reproduction of the original CAD drawing, which It will then serve for casting (also called lost wax casting), a technique known since ancient ages of civilization (consider, for example, the Riace Bronzes).

During this process, the plaster mold formed around the wax model is heated by allowing the wax to melt and get out of specially crafted channels. The void thus obtained is then filled with the molten metal, which then takes the exact shape of the wax pattern.

Precious stones then take their place of honor, thanks to our skilled setters, and after a meticulous finishing by master goldsmith hands, the jewel finally comes to life in all its splendor, ready to conquer … at the first sight.