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Engagement ring, there are many alternatives to the diamond: Emerald, ruby, sapphire … which one to choose?

For those looking for their engagement ring, an alternative to the classic solitaire with diamond, choices are endless and all of great effect and personality.

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Diamond fluorescence

When subjected to ultraviolet light, diamonds can show fluorescence. About 20% of diamonds are fluorescent under ultraviolet light with at 366 nm wavelength. The evaluation

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How much is the geographical origin of a gemstone worth?

The geographical origin for top quality gemstones is of relative importance as they are very rare. Specimens from new mining areas can be more beautiful

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The Diamond, not only brilliant cut

The best known shape for diamonds is round, the so-called “brilliant”. The common association of the term “brilliant” to the diamond stone comes from its

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How to define and evaluate the colour of a precious stone

During the estimation of a gemstone colour evaluation is a critical aspect is in defining its quality and therefore its price. Colour can affect 60%

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Carats of a gemstone: what are them?

The unit of measurement used for gemstone weight is the carat (ct) used in trade since ancient times. The word derives from the Greek and

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– Ruby before and after lead glass filling –   Since ancient times precious stones without excellent features, typical of best quality gemstones, used to

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CLARITY AND TRANSPARENCY of coloured gemstones

– On the left side an emerald with inclusions and weak transparency. On the right a more pure and transparent crystal –   Clarity classification

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How to recognise a natural gemstone from fakes and from its “test-tube brothers” the synthetics.   Up to now in our articles we have analysed

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What does the color of the Gems depend on and why some change color?

We know that gemstones are the highest expression in nature of some rare minerals. The color of the gems depends on the light transmitted and

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