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The Oscars: fabulous jewels

The 88th annual Academy Awards red carpet has seen protagonist of the high fashion, full of lace, sequins and stunning transparency. To enhance these masterpieces

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Say it with a gemstone!

A diamond is forever and is certainly an ideal stone for the promise of eternal love. But many other beautiful gemstones bring different messages and

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Magnificent Jewels – Millionaire treasures on auction in Geneva

A name that is a program: the “Magnificent Jewels” auction that Christie’s, the most prestigious and oldest auction house in the world, held annually in Geneva, promised

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The Sapphire, between ancient persian legends and the Bible history

In the visions of the glory of God, Ezekiel saw twice “the likeness of a throne” that was “similar to the stone Sapphire”. Welcome between

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The Jewelry Museum

The first jewelry Museum dedicated to jewelry’s evolution during time can be visited in Vicenza. It allows a didactic route thanks to a subdivision in

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Gemstones, precious for health

According to Crystal Therapy, some gems’ energy allows to balance mind and body’s health in a very beneficial way. For this, some precious stones are

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Features and healthy powers of citrine quartz

Citrine quartz is quite rare in its natural form and it has a bright yellow hue, enhanced by a slight pleochroism. Moreover, according to crystal

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World most famous gemstones

Even every single gem has unique and excellent features, there are some noteworthy examples that are the most famous gems in the world, because of

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The ring: origin and tradition of a unique jewel

The ring, meant as engagement ring or donated to set forth different relations, has a rich, ancient and important history that made it so powerful

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Gems and jewelry as Christmas presents: precious gifts under the tree

Christmas is always an enchanting and happy period, however choosing the right gifts is always difficult and problematic. Who desires being original and making Christmas

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