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History and features of Tennis bracelet

Storia e caratteristiche del Bracciale Tennis

The Tennis bracelet is a fashionable jewel since long time and its name is linked to the tennis player Chris Evert. Generally, it has white diamonds, but it can also present different and original gems. According to its features, it is the symbol of endless relationships and the ideal gift to represent important bonds.

The uniqueness of a jewel does not depend only on its beauty and gems’ brightness but, often, on the history behind its back. Origins, myths, legends and famous events lead the jewelry to be object of admiration and curiosity, as its fascination is an additional quality that makes it more and more desirable. Even if many gorgeous jewels are custom-made and ideated by the sudden inspiration of excellent designers, there are several unique and timeless musts made eternal by history and fashion; it happened in the case of one the most women- loved jewel: the Tennis bracelet.

The attractiveness and uniqueness of this bracelet is linked to its name, that makes it an inimitable curious object. Though many names and definitions within fashion and jewelry sector are strictly symbolic, the relation between the bracelet’s name and the sport, Tennis, is absolutely literal and it was defined by the American tennis player Chris Evert.

At the peak of her career, between the Seventies and the Eighties, Evert emerged for her athletic qualities and she was the first one who used the double backhand, but she also was the first and only one to wear a rivière diamond bracelet during the matches. However, in 1987, she lost the bracelet, maybe due to a too-energetic backhand, and she asked to stop the match to look for it. Later, she justified this request saying that she could not lose her good-luck jewel, that she called “Tennis bracelet”.

That exciting event ruled overt the pages of magazines for a long time and it originated the legendary and timeless history of Tennis bracelet. Moreover, we could say that the Evert’s jewel denied the fake stereotype asserting that athletes are not seduced by fashion and luxury and, in effect, it is impossible as they are women.

Even if the name of the bracelet was an originality and it is considered fascinating and curious also nowadays, the Tennis bracelet is a classical model, fashionable since a long time. Generally, it has white brilliant cut diamonds, it is flexible and, once closed, the closure disappears, making it impossible to identify the end and the beginning of the bracelet. For this, the jewel represents a timeless and endless relationship and it is the ideal present for anniversaries and romantic events.

Moreover, though the classical model presents white diamonds, fashion constantly renovates the Tennis bracelet, setting different gems or coloured diamonds, with an original and high-impact effect. As a confirmation of this fact, Luxedo offers, alongside to the classical model, a gorgeous Tennis bracelets with black diamonds in its catalogue, meeting more original desires and, with suitable changings, also male taste.

We do not have to get surprised if this bracelet is so loved and desired by women, even by those ones who have never held a tennis racket. Its exceptional features, the elegance and brightness of its gems keep up with its endless history, without any backhand aspects but full of victories.