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September, blue gemstones month!

Bleu gemstones

September marks the end of summer; it’s time to go back to work, to think about life and of new beginnings. To celebrate this month there’s nothing better than treating yourself with a wonderful blue gemstone. Crystal healing recognises in blue gemstones the power to give calm and wisdom and to instil creativity and intuition, the perfect gift to face the challenges of a new season.

That is why LUXEDO launches “September in blue” with many special offers on gemstones of this amazing colour.

The most popular blue gemstone is the Sapphire, together with Tanzanite, more and more requested in high jewellery.

In our catalogue you may also find the Spinel with its intense shades of purple and the magnetic light blue Aquamarine, the gemstone associated with Virgo, the zodiac sign of this month.