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Ruby, drop cut, 0.90 ct

[Cod. RB0128]

Gem of great value, along with the Sapphire belonging to the Corundum family, the Ruby is appreciated and sought after by the dawn of time


Price:  865,00

Pair of Blue Sapphires, drop cut, 2.39 ct

[Cod. ZF0203]

Beautiful pair of blue sapphires, with a beautiful drop-shaped cut perfect for the creation of pendants earrings, ideally accompanied by the precious white of diamonds.


Price:  1.935,00

Red-orange Tourmaline, cushion cut, 3.56 ct

[Cod. TO0098]

Magnificent color for this Brazilian Tourmaline, a flaming red-orange that the rich faceting of the cut lights up with beautiful flashes of light. Brilliant crystal,


Price:  345,00

Aquamarine, trillion cut, 1.14 ct

[Cod. AQ0121]

Cut from a great personality, the trillion is able to make even the most common gem truly unique. This beautiful specimen of Aquamarine, with excellent


Price:  95,00

Alexandrite, oval cut, 0.23 ct

[Cod. AL0066]

The limited weight of this sample of Alexandrite makes this rare and extremely sought-after gem is within the reach of many. Good color change, nice


Price:  549,00

Blue Sapphire, drop cut, 1.38 ct

[Cod. ZF0201]

Perfect choice for those who are looking for a classic pendant or a refined ring with Sapphire, this specimen with a beautiful drop cut presents


Price:  1.125,00

Blue Sapphire, cushion cut, 0.98 ct

[Cod. ZF0197]

Beautiful specimen of a refined cushion cut Sapphire, weighing almost a carat and from a magnificent, intense and vivid blue. A slight zoning of color


Price:  425,00

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Sale! Emerald, octagon cut, 0.49 ct

On sale

Emerald, octagon cut, 0.49 ct

[Cod. SM0215]

An exceptional green for this exemplary of Emerald from the small weight, which boasts a brilliant and bright crystal cut in the typical octagonal shape.


Price:  349,00  329,00

Ruby, oval cut, 1.56 ct

[Cod. RB0124]

The extraordinary color of this Ruby combined with the respectable size makes this gem a choice of excellence, which will be the protagonist of a


Price:  1.995,00

Blue Sapphire, cushion cut, 2.88 ct

[Cod. ZF0182]

The cushion cut has always been considered among the most refined and elegant cuts, able to give to any gem that almost regal allure. Particularly


Price:  2.485,00

Pair of Colombian Emeralds, octagonal cut 0.91 ct tot.

[Cod. SM0082]

Pair of emeralds whose color is typical of the Colombian area with a vivid green color of medium tonality. The crystal is bright and very common


Price:  819,00

Pair of Colombian Emeralds, octagonal cut 0.74 ct tot.

[Cod. SM0088]

This pair of octagonal gemstones has an excellent color, in which shades, hue and saturation of the crystal are excellent. Its small size makes it suitable


Price:  685,00

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