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18 kt white gold ring with Sapphire and diamonds “Lunea”

[Cod. GI0050]

N.1 Natural Blue Sapphire, round cut Weight: 0.63 cts Gemological Report. N° 11184 included Pavé of diamonds, round brilliant cut Total weight : 0,51 Cts


Price:  1.490,00

18 kt rose gold ring with Amethyst and diamonds “Baillache”

[Cod. GI0048]

N.1 Natural Amethyst, octagonal cut Weight: 5.89 cts Gemological Report. N° 11180 included N.40 Side diamonds, round brilliant cut Total weight : 0,21 Cts Color:


Price:  865,00

18 kt white gold ring with Sapphire and diamonds “Merville”

[Cod. GI0049]

N.1 Natural Blue Sapphire, oval cut Weight: 3.08 cts Gemological Report. N° 11179 included N.16  Halo diamonds, round brilliant cut Total weight :  0,60 Cts


Price:  4.230,00

Sale! Diamond, brilliant cut I/VVS1, 0.95 ct (LUXEDO)

On sale

Diamond, brilliant cut I/VVS1, 0.95 ct (LUXEDO)

[Cod. 10951]

LUXEDO GEMMOLOGICAL CERTIFICATE Natural Diamond Shape and cut: Round, brilliant cut Weight: 0.95 ct Colour grade: I Clarity: VVS1 Measurements: 6.29×6.40×3.80 mm Cut grade: very good Polish: good


Price:  4.150,00  3.990,00

Alexandrite, drop cut, 0.95 ct

[Cod. AL0064]

Discovered only in the first decades of the nineteenth century and named in honor of one who would become the Russian tsar Alexander II, the


Price:  1.325,00

Aquamarine, oval cut, 4.00 ct

[Cod. AQ0158]

A naturally bright crystal from a rich faceting gives this beautiful Aquamarine an extraordinary brilliance. Good color point and nice oval cut with classic proportions


Price:  368,00

Morganite, heart cut, 2.58 ct

[Cod. MG0075]

A heart-shaped cut of magnificent proportions and a delicate and exceptionally bright pink  are the hallmarks of this fine Morganite over two and a half


Price:  153,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Alexandrite, drop cut, 0.43 ct

[Cod. ]

A good color change is the hallmark of the most prized Alexandrites. In this beautiful specimen, the color under cold light shows a magnificent shade of


Price:  425,00

Alexandrite, oval cut, 1.29 ct

[Cod. AL0062]

Oval cut from classic proportions for this beautiful Alexandrite of 1.29 ct distributed on dimensions suitable for any realization. Good color change, a magnificent green


Price:  3.950,00

Changing color Garnet, heart cut, 1.04 ct

[Cod. GR0064]

Not only the rare Alexandrites boast the fascinating change of color effect: this beautiful specimen of Garnet from a romantic heart-cut shows a beautiful blue-green


Price:  595,00

Blue Sapphire, oval cut, 3.00 ct (IGI)

[Cod. ZF0207]

Richly multifaceted and well proportioned, the oval cut of this beautiful specimen of Ceylon Sapphire of three exact carats, lets you easily imagine the creation


Price:  2.950,00

Aquamarine, drop cut, 12.39 ct

[Cod. AQ0169]

Impossible not to be conquered at first glance by the rich faceting of this beautiful Brazilian Aquamarine, whose magnificent play of light seems to animate


Price:  929,00

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