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Tanzanite drop cut, 1.08 ct

[Cod. TZ0139]

The beautiful blue point of this Tanzanite over a carat of weight is so devoid of purple hues that it can be mistaken for the


Price:  385,00

Aquamarine, heart cut, 1.13 ct

[Cod. AQ0173]

Small, precious, romantic this magnificent Acquamarina will conquer at first glance who will have the luck of receiving it as a gift. Beautiful crystal clear


Price:  137,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Ruby, oval cut, 0.60 ct

[Cod. RB0132]

Often the protagonist of jewels of great effect, chosen to celebrate unique moments, the Ruby is undoubtedly a gem of charm and character. This small


Price:  229,00

Tanzanite, round cut, 1.71 ct

[Cod. TZ0130]

A beautiful color, an intense and extremely bright blue and a cut of great personality for this 1.71 carat Tanzanite. Ideal combination with white gold


Price:  690,00

Yellow Tourmaline, heart cut, 2.20 ct

[Cod. TO0102]

Warm shades, golden reflections and sparkles make the beautiful color of this Tourmaline even more interesting. The heart cut of excellent workmanship, the crystal clear


Price:  229,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Pink Spinel, oval cut, 1.12 ct

[Cod. SP0049]

A magnificent shade of pink, feminine and hyper refined, animates this beautiful specimen of spinel. The crystal clear, well cut and richly faceted gives the


Price:  159,00

Blue Sapphire, oval cut, 1.71 ct

[Cod. ZF0202]

Not surprisingly often chosen by royals of every age, to decorate their jewels, the Sapphire is undoubtedly among the most prestigious and fascinating gems. This


Price:  1.945,00

Ruby, oval cut, 1.13 ct

[Cod. RB0126]

The most noble variety of Coryndon, the Ruby since the dawn of time is appreciated and sought after for the magnificent red of the best


Price:  994,00

Ruby, oval cut, 1.04 ct

[Cod. RB0125]

A red that seems to shine out of its own fire, enhanced by a well-faceted and naturally bright and brilliant crystal, is the hallmark of


Price:  945,00

Tanzanite, drop cut, 2.77 ct

[Cod. TZ0126]

The perfect cut to achieve a classic pendant, but just as suitable for a refined ring in ideal combination with the precious white of diamonds,


Price:  1.145,00

Aquamarine, heart cut, 1.68 ct

[Cod. AQ0172]

Magnificent color for the most romantic of cuts, pure and bright crystal and exceptional brilliance. A combination it will be impossible not to be conquered


Price:  245,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Amethyst, octagonal cut, 9.01 ct

[Cod. AM0054]

A crystal “Eye Clean” and rich in natural brightness and a beautiful octagonal cut of excellent workmanship and important size make this Brazilian Amethyst a


Price:  95,00

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