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18 kt Rose gold ring with Morganite

[Cod. GI0037]

N.1 Natural Morganite, octagon shape Weight: 2.89 cts Gemological Report. N° 11157 included 18 K Rose Gold (750/1000) Total weight:  gr 3.50 Current ring size:


Price:  469,00

18 kt white gold ring with Emerald

[Cod. GI0036]

N.1 Natural Emerald, oval cut Weight: 0.45 cts Gemological Report. N° 11156 included 18 K White Gold (750/1000) Total weight:  gr 2.35 Current ring size:


Price:  495,00

18 kt white gold ring with Ruby and diamonds “Dalia”

[Cod. GI0035]

N.1 Natural Ruby, oval cut (not heated) Weight: 2.06 cts Gemological Report. N° 11152 included Side diamonds, round brilliant cut Total weight: 1.18 cts Color:


Price:  4.980,00

Tanzanite, cushion cut, 4.54 ct

[Cod. TZ0117]

The fine cushion cut of this fine Tanzanite specimen gives fascinating sparkles on the rich faceting and enhances the beautiful blue point. Clean and naturally


Price:  1.765,00

Solitaire ring in 18 kt gold “Plumea”

[Cod. MA0052]

A light and up-to-date design is the distinctive feature of this model for a solitaire ring, with a thin shank and an essential setting, suitable


Price from:  295,00

Pendant in 18 kt gold “Victoria”

[Cod. MP0006]

A simple but refined four griffes setting leaves in full evidence the main gemstone in this pendant setting. The eye stably welded to the setting


Price from:  249,00

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Sale! Imperial Topaz, drop cut, 1.16 ct

On sale

Imperial Topaz, drop cut, 1.16 ct

[Cod. TP0019]

The most precious variety among the Topazes, not to be do not confuse the Imperial Topaz with the Citrine Quartz, a gem much more readily


Price:  159,00  150,00

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Black Diamond, brilliant cut, 1.17 ct

[Cod. DX0078]

Natural Diamond Shape and cut: round modified brilliant cut Weight: 1.17 ct Colour: Black Clarity: Opaque Measurements: 6.47×6.45×4.01 mm


Price:  390,00

Peridot, oval cut, 5.56 ct

[Cod. PE0048]

The peridot, perfect in combination with the warm light of yellow gold, is increasingly appreciated in jewelry, for its intense and rich green that reminds


Price:  329,00

Tanzanite, drop cut, 4.72 ct

[Cod. TZ0120]

An exceptional color, a crystal clear, a cut of excellent workmanship for this magnificent Tanzanite of 4.72 ct, which according to the American scale we


Price:  1.890,00

Aquamarine, cushion cut, 4.30 ct

[Cod. AQ0151]

Belonging to the Beryl family, such as the precious Emerald and the refined Morganite, Aquamarine is undoubtedly one of the most loved and chosen gems


Price:  429,00

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Aquamarine, marquise cut, 2.23 ct

[Cod. AQ0152]

The refined marquise cut gives to this beautiful Aquamarine a special charm and undoubted personality. The clear and lively color is enhanced by the transparency


Price:  219,00

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