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Ruby, oval cut, 1.26 ct

[Cod. RB0127]

Rarely the beautiful red of the most precious Rubies also presents a brilliant and luminous crystal, as in this magnificent specimen in which brightness and


Price:  1.189,00

Pink Spinel, oval cut, 1.69 ct

[Cod. SP0042]

Little known but extremely appreciated by experts for the magnificent colors and the beautiful crystals of the best specimens, Spinel is objectively a precious gem.


Price:  489,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Aquamarine, drop cut, 7.35 ct

[Cod. AQ0167]

The jewel that will take life from this beautiful Aquamarine will hardly go unnoticed: the protagonist gem in fact boasts important dimensions and a magnificent crystal


Price:  659,00

Burma Ruby, cushion cut, 3.01 ct

[Cod. RB0130]

A magnificent red color on a over three carats weight, make this Ruby from the high quality certified Burma origin, a choice of excellence. Undoubtedly


Price:  8.850,00

Sale! Amethyst, octagonal cut, 5.67 ct

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Amethyst, octagonal cut, 5.67 ct

[Cod. AM0053]

A point of color from exceptional brightness and a refined, well-executed octagonal cut give this Amethyst more than five carats great brilliance. A gem that


Price:  75,00  69,00

Alexandrite, heart cut, 1.67 ct

[Cod. AL0057]

A rare and precious gem from the fascinating effect of color change under different light sources, Alexandrite even more rarely appears in objectively beautiful specimens.


Price:  3.495,00

Blue Sapphire, oval cut, 0.95 ct

[Cod. ZF0193]

Almost a carat of weight for this Sapphire from the beautiful oval cut, coming from the famous mines of Ceylon (Sri Lanka). The bright crystal


Price:  315,00

Emerald, oval cut, 0.70 ct

[Cod. SM0212]

An extraordinary brilliance and a beautiful point of intense and bright color at the same time are the hallmarks of this Emerald from a classic


Price:  495,00

Ruby, oval cut, 0.75 ct

[Cod. RB0123]

A very particular shade of red, in which purple and orange nuances blend, depending on the light source, animates the beautiful crystal of this Ruby


Price:  195,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Emerald, oval cut, 2.95 ct

[Cod. SM0214]

Undoubtedly among the most prestigious gems, Emerald remains today among the most desired and appreciated gems in the world of high jewelery. This beautiful specimen


Price:  1.995,00

Orange Tourmaline, oval cut, 5.93 ct

[Cod. TO0097]

A unique color point in which red, orange and purple hues blend beautifully for this beautiful Tourmaline of almost six carats of Brazilian origin. Dimensions


Price:  525,00

Pair of Aquamarines, octagon cut, 1.54 ct tot.

[Cod. AQ0071]

Refinement and great charm for this beautiful couple of Acquemarine: the sophisticated octagonal cut gives an extraordinary brightness to the delicate point of blue and


Price:  105,00

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