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Noble Opal, cabochon cut, 2.76 ct

[Cod. OP0075]

The rich opalescence of this beautiful specimen of Noble Opal from oval cabochon cut is enriched by a third dimension thanks to the semitransparent crystal.


Price:  139,00

Emerald, oval cut, 0.53 ct

[Cod. SM0217]

Excellent frontal dimensions for this Emerald of just over half a carat, from the classic oval cut with slightly elongated proportions and a beautiful color


Price:  375,00

Red spinel, oval cut, 2.32 cts

[Cod. SP0051]

The most rare and appreciated variety of Spinel, the red one over the centuries was often confused with the precious Ruby. In this beautiful specimen


Price:  385,00

Blue Sapphire, cushion cut, 1.08 ct

[Cod. ZF0199]

Among the harder gems on the Mohs scale, the Sapphire has always been loved and appreciated as the protagonist of valuable and effective jewels. This


Price:  435,00

Sale! Blue Sapphire, oval cut, 0.64 ct

On sale

Blue Sapphire, oval cut, 0.64 ct

[Cod. ZF0198]

A deep and intense blue for this little Sapphire from precious Ceylon origin. Beautiful oval of almost round proportions, this gem is suitable for any


Price:  255,00  245,00

Sale! Red Garnet, cushion cut, 8.81 ct

On sale

Red Garnet, cushion cut, 8.81 ct

[Cod. GR0063]

A deep and intense red for this beautiful Garnet with important dimensions and an elegant cushion cut. Ideal combination with gold in warm shades of


Price:  419,00  399,00

Tsavorite Garnet, oval cut, 1.13 ct

[Cod. GR0070]

The most spectacular green that Mother Nature has created is undoubtedly that of Tsavorite. This beautiful specimen from the classic oval cut presents a beautiful


Price:  785,00

Sale! Aquamarine, oval cut, 0.87 ct

On sale

Aquamarine, oval cut, 0.87 ct

[Cod. AQ0120]

Brilliant and luminous, this beautiful aquamarine of Brazilian origin boasts a pleasant blue point and a clear and pure crystal. Classic oval cut suitable for


Price:  74,00  69,00

Alexandrite, marquise cut, 0.85 ct

[Cod. AL0071]

For those looking for rarity and sophistication, this magnificent Alexandrite with a refined marquise cut is the right choice. The color change, classified as “Moderate/


Price:  980,00

Aquamarine, cushion cut, 12.81 ct

[Cod. AQ0168]

Beautiful color point for this brazilian Aquamarine from an important size and a refined, well faceted and extremely bright cushion cut. Perfect choice to create


Price:  1.195,00

Blue Sapphire, cushion cut, 0.85 ct

[Cod. ZF0200]

Among the most refined and elegant cuts, the cushion one is undoubtedly suitable for any realization. For this beautiful Sapphire coming from the famous Ceylon


Price:  375,00

Tanzanite, oval cut, 2.45 ct

[Cod. TZ0142]

Discovered only in the late sixties in northern Tanzania, Tanzanite is today known and appreciated by many for its beautiful blue and clear and large


Price:  1.030,00

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