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Alexandrite, oval cut, 0.23 ct

[Cod. AL0066]

The limited weight of this sample of Alexandrite makes this rare and extremely sought-after gem is within the reach of many. Good color change, nice


Price:  549,00

Alexandrite, heart cut, 1.67 ct

[Cod. AL0057]

A rare and precious gem from the fascinating effect of color change under different light sources, Alexandrite even more rarely appears in objectively beautiful specimens.


Price:  3.495,00

Alexandrite, oval cut, 0.52 ct

[Cod. AL0056]

A rare variety of chrysoberyl with a fascinating effect of color change, the Alexandrite is now known also outside the circle of estimateurs for its


Price:  495,00

Alexandrite, oval cut, 0.27 ct

[Cod. AL0059]

Exceptional gem this little Alexandrite of 0.27 ct with a good color change. The beautiful point of blue-green under cold light turns towards an intense


Price:  645,00

Alexandrite, drop cut, 0.95 ct

[Cod. AL0064]

Discovered only in the first decades of the nineteenth century and named in honor of one who would become the Russian tsar Alexander II, the


Price:  1.325,00

Alexandrite, drop cut, 0.43 ct

[Cod. AL0063]

A good color change is the hallmark of the most prized Alexandrites. In this beautiful specimen, the color under cold light shows a magnificent shade of


Price:  425,00

Alexandrite, oval cut, 1.29 ct

[Cod. AL0062]

Oval cut from classic proportions for this beautiful Alexandrite of 1.29 ct distributed on dimensions suitable for any realization. Good color change, a magnificent green


Price:  3.950,00

Alexandrite, oval cut, 0.40 ct

[Cod. AL0067]

A beautiful golden and bright green under cold light, a purple rose full of sparkles under warm light for this beautiful specimen of Alexandrite from the


Price:  619,00

Alexandrite, marquise cut, 0.20 ct

[Cod. AL0058]

A rare variety of Chrysoberyl, which boasts the fascinating feature of color change when subjected to different light sources, the Alexandrite is increasingly sought after


Price:  765,00

Alexandrite, drop cut, 1.83 ct

[Cod. AL0054]

The perfect choice for a jewel of great effect, made unique by the nature of the protagonist’s gem, a magnificent Alexandrite from a beautiful drop cut.


Price:  3.975,00

Alexandrite, oval cut, 0.97 ct

[Cod. AL0043]

Birthstone for June, Alexandrite is one of the most appreciated gems for those who want a unique jewel from a strong personality. The change of color


Price:  1.540,00

Alexandrite, oval cut, 1.27 ct

[Cod. AL0046]

Originally discovered in Russia’s Ural Mountains in the 1830s, Alexandrite is the rarest color-change gemstone. This fine specimen shows a good color change from bluish green in


Price:  4.159,00

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