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Aquamarine, heart cut, 4.94 ct

[Cod. AQ0286]

The heart cut of this beautiful Aquamarine is magnificent: not only does it present harmonious shape and proportions, but it is richly multifaceted and therefore


Price:  359,00

Aquamarine, cushion cut, 3.40 ct

[Cod. AQ0281]

Cushion cut with a soft and very elegant shape for this beautiful Aquamarine of almost three and a half carats. The bright and clear crystal


Price:  275,00

Aquamarine, oval cut, 6.34 ct

[Cod. AQ0279]

Unprecedented proportions for the oval of this beautiful example of Aquamarine weighing over six carats. Bright and brilliant crystal, important dimensions.


Price:  345,00

Aquamarine, octagon cut, 6.73 ct

[Cod. AQ0278]

Aquamarine of important caliber and very brilliant cut. Gem with clean and transparent crystal, suitable for making a particular jewel, set for example on a


Price:  335,00

Aquamarine, oval cut, 6.93 ct

[Cod. AQ0276]

Almost seven carats in weight for this beautiful Aquamarine with a classic very bright oval cut and an excellent color point. The dimensions are suitable


Price:  840,00

Aquamarine, octagon cut, 2.09 ct

[Cod. AQ0270]

Aquamarine with a classic octagonal cut and excellent gemological qualities. The crystal is clean and transparent and the color is intense blue. Its carat weight


Price:  269,00

Aquamarine, cushion cut, 3.71 ct

[Cod. AQ0260]

A very special cut that will be able to make the jewel that will mount this beautiful Aquamarine unique. Bright and clear crystal and good


Price:  215,00

Green Aquamarine, drop cut, 4.40 ct

[Cod. AQ0241]

This beryl specimen does not belong to the emerald variety but is still definable as aquamarine although its color tends to green. It is a


Price:  365,00

Pair of Aquamarine, drop cut, 26.17 ct tot.

[Cod. AQ0227]

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian.


Price:  1.245,00

Pair of Aquamarine, drop cut, 6.60 ct tot.

[Cod. AQ0231]

Pair of Aquamarines with an elegant tapered teardrop cut. Two gems of Brazilian origin, of excellent quality for hue and quality of the crystal, transparent


Price:  548,00

Aquamarine, oval cabochon cut, 76.73 ct

[Cod. AQ0229]

Aquamarine cabochons with very large dimensions and a very fascinating blue color for hue and intensity that varies depending on how you look at the


Price:  945,00

Pair of Aquamarines drop cut, 9.28 ct tot.

[Cod. AQ0225]

Beautiful pair of Aquemarine of excellent quality and of Brazilian origin, Santa Maria. The blue color is vivid and bright, with a medium hue. The


Price:  1.250,00

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