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Pair of Aquamarine, drop cut, 2.32 ct tot.

[Cod. AQ0199]

Beautiful drops of Aquamarine with refined proportions and magnificent blue. Perfect gems to make a pair of pendant earrings in an ideal combination with white


Price:  275,00

Aquamarine, drop cut, 11.41 ct

[Cod. AQ0184]

Important dimensions and perfect proportions to give life to an enchanting pendant, for this magnificent Aquamarine of over 11 carats with a refined teardrop cut.


Price:  619,00

Aquamarine Santa Maria, octagonal cut, 9.54 ct

[Cod. AQ0189]

The most valuable Aquamarine in the world, with an intense and vivid blue, is the one called “Santa Maria”, from the original area of ​​extraction


Price:  2.995,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Aquamarine, octagonal cut, 3.48 ct

[Cod. AQ0202]

A bright and delicate green blue, the color of the clearest seas, is the distinctive trait of this beautiful aquamarine of almost three carats and


Price:  285,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Aquamarine, octagonal cut, 4.16 ct

[Cod. AQ0198]

Among the most loved gems by women of all ages and styles, the Aquamarine is able to be the star of elegant and timeless jewels.


Price:  495,00

Aquamarine, heart cut, 1.81 ct

[Cod. AQ0177]

Richly faceted, the beautiful heart cut of this Aquamarine comes to life with intense sparkles on the profile of the gem. Bright and intense blue,


Price:  254,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Aquamarine, oval cut, 5.26 ct

[Cod. AQ0156]

The rich faceting along the oval profile of this beautiful Aquamarine gives the gem an extraordinary brilliance, which seems to light up at the slightest


Price:  499,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Aquamarine, oval cut, 3.54 ct

[Cod. AQ0159]

Light and clarity for the magnificent crystal of this beautiful three and a half carat Aquamarin3 of Brazilian origin. Good color point, classic oval cut


Price:  320,00

Aquamarine, oval cut, 3.16 ct

[Cod. AQ0148]

Among the most loved gems of all time, Acquamarina conquers for its delicate and bright blue and for the clear crystals of the best specimens.


Price:  315,00

Aquamarine, oval cut, 14.34 ct

[Cod. AQ0170]

Extraordinary brilliance for this Aquamarine of almost 15 carats, with a beautiful richly faceted crystal and classic oval cut. Good color point and purity Eye


Price:  1.075,00

Aquamarine, oval cut, 5.38 ct

[Cod. AQ0125]

Richness of sparkles on a naturally bright and brilliant crystal for this fine example of Aquamarine weighing over five carats and the beautiful oval. Perfect


Price:  485,00

Aquamarine, oval cut, 2.39 ct

[Cod. AQ0147]

Light and brilliance are the hallmarks of this beautiful Aquamarine with a classic oval cut, harmonious proportions and a good size. Clear and transparent crystal.


Price:  185,00

Sold out In CartDetails

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