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Aquamarine oval cut 1.07 ct

[Cod. AQ0200]

Appreciated by women of any style and age for the typical delicate and luminous water color, the Aquamarine is among the gems most often chosen


Price:  129,00

Aquamarine, octagonal cut, 3.44 ct

[Cod. AQ0192]

Undoubtedly one of the most loved and appreciated gems, the Aquamarine is a gem suitable for any jewelery creation: from the most classic solitaire to


Price:  339,00

Aquamarine, oval cut, 1.43 ct

[Cod. AQ0207]

Small but impressive, this beautiful Aquamarine is almost a carat and a half from the classic oval cut. Good color point, well enhanced by the


Price:  157,00

Aquamarine, cushion cut, 13.27 ct

[Cod. AQ0209]

The crystal clear and transparent of this beautiful Aquamarine of over thirteen carats, animated by the rich sparkles along the profile of the beautiful cushion


Price:  729,00

Aquamarine, cushion cut, 6.99 ct

[Cod. AQ0191]

Great color point, extraordinary brilliance for this gorgeous Aquamarine of almost seven carats from a refined cushion cut. A gem that will be the protagonist


Price:  835,00

Aquamarine, octagonal cut, 6.41 ct

[Cod. AQ0186]

The beautiful crystal clear and transparent of this specimen of Aquamarine is magnificently enhanced by the elegant octagon cut. For dimensions suitable for any creation,


Price:  295,00

Aquamarine, cushion cut, 8.12 ct

[Cod. AQ0194]

Extraordinary brilliance for this beautiful Aquamarine over eight carats of weight. The elegant, richly faceted cushion cut offers magnificent sparkles at the slightest movement of


Price:  398,00

Aquamarine, cushion cut, 1.54 ct

[Cod. AQ0206]

A cushion cut from refined proportions makes this beautiful Aquamarine a choice of charm and personality. Beautiful  size on the front dimensions of the gem,


Price:  169,00

Aquamarine, oval cut, 6.54 ct

[Cod. AQ0208]

Unique brilliance, given by the beautiful oval cut richly faceted on a crystal clear and luminous for this specimen of Aquamarine of Brazilian origin. Eye


Price:  775,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Aquamarine, drop cut, 9.10 ct

[Cod. AQ0204]

The extraordinary color point of this Aquamarine just under 10 carats is combined with the magnificent, well-proportioned, bright drop-shaped cut. Perfect choice to give life


Price:  1.195,00

Aquamarine, oval cut, 2.32 ct

[Cod. AQ0210]

The almost round proportions of the beautiful oval cut of this Aquamarine add a special charm to the magnificent point of blue and the luminous


Price:  315,00

Aquamarine drop cut, 3.02 ct

[Cod. AQ0203]

A drop cut with magnificent proportions, which seems created to give life to a refined pendant, for this beautiful Aquamarine over three carats. Bright crystal


Price:  239,00

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