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Aquamarine, trillion cut, 1.14 ct

[Cod. AQ0121]

Cut from a great personality, the trillion is able to make even the most common gem truly unique. This beautiful specimen of Aquamarine, with excellent


Price:  95,00

Aquamarine, cushion cut, 5.25 ct

[Cod. AQ0153]

Beautiful sample of aquamarine from over five carats and a good color. The gem comes from Brazilian mines and the cushion cut, well executed in its


Price:  479,00

Aquamarine, cushion cut, 2.67 ct

[Cod. AQ0154]

A brasilian Aquamarine from a good color. The brilliance is emphasized by the refined rectangular cushion cut. The dimensions are remarkable compared to its weight, since the


Price:  259,00

Aquamarine, drop cut, 7.35 ct

[Cod. AQ0167]

The jewel that will take life from this beautiful Aquamarine will hardly go unnoticed: the protagonist gem in fact boasts important dimensions and a magnificent crystal


Price:  659,00

Pair of Aquamarines, octagon cut, 1.54 ct tot.

[Cod. AQ0071]

Refinement and great charm for this beautiful couple of Acquemarine: the sophisticated octagonal cut gives an extraordinary brightness to the delicate point of blue and


Price:  105,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Pair of Aquamarines, drop cut, 1.96 ct tot.

[Cod. AQ0164]

An extraordinary brilliance that certainly will not go unnoticed on the pair of pendants that will take life from these two beautiful drop-shaped Aquamarines. Clear


Price:  119,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Aquamarine, drop cut, 4.14 ct

[Cod. AQ0127]

Dimensions and proportions designed to give life to a magnificent pendant, for this beautiful Aquamarine of over four carats. Crystal bright and full of sparkles,


Price:  375,00

Aquamarine, oval cut, 4.00 ct

[Cod. AQ0158]

A naturally bright crystal from a rich faceting gives this beautiful Aquamarine an extraordinary brilliance. Good color point and nice oval cut with classic proportions


Price:  368,00

Aquamarine, drop cut, 12.39 ct

[Cod. AQ0169]

Impossible not to be conquered at first glance by the rich faceting of this beautiful Brazilian Aquamarine, whose magnificent play of light seems to animate


Price:  929,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Aquamarine, cushion cut, 4.30 ct

[Cod. AQ0151]

Belonging to the Beryl family, such as the precious Emerald and the refined Morganite, Aquamarine is undoubtedly one of the most loved and chosen gems


Price:  429,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Aquamarine, oval cut 6.14 ct

[Cod. AQ0134]

Considered a “healing crystal” in crystallotherapy, Aquamarine is undoubtedly one of the most loved , sought after and chosen gems for the creation of special jewels. This


Price:  739,00

Aquamarine, oval cut, 10.65 ct

[Cod. AQ0140]

In this magnificent example of Aquamarine of over 10 carats the skillful cut has been able to give an accentuated brilliance with a rich facet.


Price:  958,00

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