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Pair of Emeralds, octagon cut, 0.99 ct tot.

[Cod. SM0307]

Beautiful pair of Emeralds with a classic octagonal cut, just under the carat of total weight and harmonious proportions, suitable for making stud or pendant


Price:  1.150,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Emerald, octagon cut, 2.20 ct

[Cod. SM0301]

Selected emerald of Zambian origin of excellent carat weight and size. The crystal of the gem is transparent and the color has one of the


Price:  3.520,00

Pair of Emeralds, octagon cut, 2.25 ct tot.

[Cod. SM0308]

Pair of high quality emeralds for the color saturation of the crystal, the vivacity of the hue and the good quality of the cut. The


Price:  3.540,00

Sale! Emerald, octagon cut, 0.56 ct

On sale

Emerald, octagon cut, 0.56 ct

[Cod. SM0311]

Emerald of Brazilian origin with a classic square octagonal cut, a shape that can be mounted in many ways on our jewels. The color is


Price:  469,00  430,00

Emerald, drop cut, 1.01 ct

[Cod. SM0304]

Emerald of Zambian origin and its maximum expression of color. The green is very intense but at the same time not too dark and excels


Price:  1.840,00

Emerald, octagon cut, 1.00 ct

[Cod. SM0302]

Excellent quality emerald. Excellent hue and color saturation, the crystal is transparent. The classic stepped cut and rectangular shape make this precious stone suitable for


Price:  1.580,00

Emerald, oval cut, 0.26 ct

[Cod. SM0312]

Small emerald but of excellent quality. The color of this stone is a vivid green and the oval shaped faceted cut makes it very bright.


Price:  155,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Emerald, round cut, 0.67 ct

[Cod. SM0306]

Emerald with a sophisticated round faceted cut. A gem with a transparent crystal and a bright green color, suitable to be mounted as a centerpiece


Price:  1.050,00

Pair of Emeralds, drop cut, 0.73 ct tot.

[Cod. SM0303]

Pair of drop cut Emeralds suitable for making a pair of earrings. A pair of gems with excellent green color, intense, vivid and at the


Price:  795,00

Emerald, octagon cut, 0.58 ct

[Cod. SM0309]

Natural Emerald with a classic octagonal cut and excellent gemological qualities, for color saturation and brilliance of the gem. The dimensions of the stone are


Price:  625,00

Emerald, heart cut, 0.50 ct

[Cod. SM0305]

Heart of Emerald, a small but excellent quality gem. Natural Emerald with a vivid and brilliant green color, suitable for making a gold pendant or


Price:  745,00

Emerald in mother rock, cabochon cu, 6.61 ct

[Cod. SM0400]

This gem is a novelty for us, we obtained it by cutting an emerald crystal into a cabochon together with its quartz mother rock from


Price:  119,00

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