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Emerald, octagon cut, 1.37 ct

[Cod. SM0323]

The classic octagonal cut with harmonious proportions and the beautiful transparent crystal of this magnificent Emerald combine with an excellent color point, a green rich


Price:  2.095,00

Pair of Emeralds, heart cut, 0.78 ct tot.

[Cod. SM0324]

Refined and romantic, the heart cut of these two magnificent Emeralds will not fail to conquer at first glance, together with the beautiful, extraordinarily brilliant


Price:  1.259,00

Pair of Colombian Emeralds, octagon cut, 0.76 ct tot.

[Cod. SM0320]

The most precious of its origins, for this magnificent pair of Colombian Emeralds with a classic octagonal cut and an excellent color point. The small


Price:  859,00

Emerald in mother rock, cabochon cu, 10.22 ct

[Cod. SM0322]

This gem is a novelty for us, we obtained it by cutting an emerald crystal into a cabochon together with its quartz mother rock from


Price:  139,00

Emerald, heart cut, 1.20 ct

[Cod. SM0321]

Among the rarest and most sought after cuts for the precious Emerald, the heart cut is undoubtedly full of personality and charm and in this


Price:  1.995,00

Emerald, round cut, 0.73 ct

[Cod. ]

Emerald with a sophisticated round faceted cut. A gem with a transparent crystal and a bright green color, suitable to be mounted as a centerpiece


Price:  1.230,00

Colombian Emerald, octagonal cut, 4.17 ct (IGI)

[Cod. SM0287]

An exceptional carat weight and the most precious of its origins, for this magnificent example of Colombian Emerald with a classic octagonal cut and an


Price:  8.450,00

Emerald, oval cut, 0.39 ct

[Cod. SM0317]

Excellent color point for this Brazilian emerald, the green tint is saturated and intense. The well-faceted oval cut gives brilliance and luster to the gem.


Price:  390,00

Emerald, octagon cut, 0.96 ct

[Cod. SM0318]

Emerald with a classic octagonal cut and an intense green color. The crystal is transparent and the well-proportioned cut gives brilliance to the gem. Due


Price:  1.535,00

Colombian Emerald, octagon cut, 0.29 ct

[Cod. SM0315]

Colombian Emerald of small size but of excellent quality. The gem has a very clean and transparent crystal and at the same time a green,


Price:  290,00

Emerald, oval cut, 1.11 ct

[Cod. SM0251]

Refined and elegant oval cut for this beautiful Emerald specimen weighing over one carat and with harmonious proportions. Brilliant crystal, very clean and naturally bright.


Price:  1.640,00

Emerald, octagon cut, 2.20 ct

[Cod. SM0301]

Selected emerald of Zambian origin of excellent carat weight and size. The crystal of the gem is transparent and the color has one of the


Price:  3.520,00

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