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Sale! Emerald, octagon cut, 0.49 ct

On sale

Emerald, octagon cut, 0.49 ct

[Cod. SM0215]

An exceptional green for this exemplary of Emerald from the small weight, which boasts a brilliant and bright crystal cut in the typical octagonal shape.


Price:  349,00  329,00

Pair of Colombian Emeralds, octagonal cut 0.91 ct tot.

[Cod. SM0082]

Pair of emeralds whose color is typical of the Colombian area with a vivid green color of medium tonality. The crystal is bright and very common


Price:  819,00

Pair of Colombian Emeralds, octagonal cut 0.74 ct tot.

[Cod. SM0088]

This pair of octagonal gemstones has an excellent color, in which shades, hue and saturation of the crystal are excellent. Its small size makes it suitable


Price:  685,00

Emerald, oval cut, 0.70 ct

[Cod. SM0212]

An extraordinary brilliance and a beautiful point of intense and bright color at the same time are the hallmarks of this Emerald from a classic


Price:  495,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Emerald, oval cut, 2.95 ct

[Cod. SM0214]

Undoubtedly among the most prestigious gems, Emerald remains today among the most desired and appreciated gems in the world of high jewelery. This beautiful specimen


Price:  1.995,00

Emerald, octagonal cut, 0.59 ct

[Cod. SM0210]

A beautiful emerald with excellent proportions of cut and good hue and color saturation. The gemstone absolutely worths its price and suits very well to


Price:  195,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Colombian emerald, oval cut, 0.48 ct

[Cod. SM0188]

Small specimen of Emerald coming from the valuable mines of Colombia, from a beautiful color point, a saturated and rich green, which presents the vivacity


Price:  455,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Emerald, drop cut, 0.46 ct

[Cod. SM0204]

Easy to imagine this beautiful drop of Emerald set in a refined pendant or in a sophisticated ring, ideally accompanied by diamonds to enhance the


Price:  460,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Emerald, oval cut, 1.28 ct

[Cod. SM0199]

The almost opaque crystal of this Colombian Emerald reveals the beautiful color point, a deep and vivid green, on a respectable size, made even more


Price:  570,00

Emerald, octagonal cut, 0.90 ct

[Cod. SM0197]

An exceptionally bright and vivid color, which seems to light up of that green “fire” typical of the most beloved Emeralds, is the hallmark of


Price:  895,00

Emerald, octagonal cut, 0.43 ct

[Cod. SM0198]

The low weight does not mislead, as this Emerald from the valuable Colombian origin, has a contained depth that makes the most of the frontal


Price:  439,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Emerald, octagonal cut, 0.78 ct

[Cod. SM0193]

An extraordinary brilliance lights this Colombian Emerald with a classic octagonal cut, of its own light. More and more admirers are seeking in the precious


Price:  689,00

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