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Colombian Emerald, drop cut, 0.73 ct

[Cod. SM0282]

Drop of Colombian emerald with an intense green color. The crystal has good clarity and the brilliance of the cut is excellent. The proportions are


Price:  830,00

Emerald, round cut, 0.88 ct

[Cod. SM0260]

A particular round cut of great effect certainly destined to give life to a unique jewel with a marked personality, for this African Emerald with


Price:  890,00

Colombian Emerald, octagon cut, 1.25 ct

[Cod. SM0238]

A specimen of emerald from the precious Colombian origin that will satisfy the admirers of exceptionally bright gems: the beautiful point of green on the


Price:  1.090,00

Emerald, marquise cut, 0.67 ct

[Cod. SM0270]

For those looking for the extraordinary, this beautiful specimen of Emerald with an original marquise cut is the right choice. Nice point of color, rich


Price:  495,00

Colombian Emerald, octagon cut, 1.32 ct

[Cod. SM0280]

The finest of the origins of this magnificent Colombian Emerald with a classic octagonal cut shows itself in the beautiful color point, a vivid and


Price:  1.375,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Emerald, drop cut, 0.58 ct

[Cod. SM0271]

A drop destined to become the protagonist of a refined pendant. Beautiful point of color, bright and luminous and excellent frontal dimensions, thanks to the


Price:  415,00

Colombian Emerald, octagonal cut, 2.47 ct (IGI)

[Cod. SM0284]

The extraordinary brilliance of this specimen is combined with an exceptionally bright green and the prestige of the most renowned origin in the world, in


Price:  3.260,00

Emerald octagonal cut, 2.13 ct (IGI)

[Cod. SM0286]

Extraordinary frontal dimensions, like gemstones of much greater carat weight, for this fine IGI-certified octagonal Emerald specimen. Deep and silky color, harmonious cut proportions.


Price:  2.130,00

Emerald, octagonal cut, 5.18 ct (IGI)

[Cod. SM0285]

Over five carats of weight make this beautiful Emerald with a classic octagonal cut a choice of undoubted prestige. Deep, intense and vivid color point.


Price:  4.590,00

Pair of Emeralds, oval cut, 0.86 ct tot.

[Cod. SM0273]

Beautiful pair of Emeralds with a well-proportioned oval cut and perfect dimensions to make a pair of studs ideally surrounded by diamonds. Bright and lively


Price:  674,00

Colombian Emerald, octagon cut, 1.16 ct

[Cod. SM0241]

A magnificent point of green, lively and extraordinarily luminous, an octagonal cut with refined proportions, an exceptionally bright crystal and the value of Colombian origin.


Price:  1.345,00

Colombian Emerald, octagon cut, 1.13 ct

[Cod. SM0243]

Impossible not to be conquered at first glance by this magnificent octagon cut Emerald , from a valuable Colombian origin. The intensity of the green


Price:  1.345,00

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