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Colombian Emerald, octagonal cut, 1.10 ct

[Cod. SM0236]

The value of Colombian origin, witnessed by the beautiful color point of this beautiful Smeraldo, is combined with a carat suitable for any realization, distributed


Price:  1.265,00

Colombian Emerald, octagonal cut, 1.15 ct

[Cod. SM0239]

Exceptional brilliance for this beautiful specimen of Emerald from the renowned Colombian origin. The classic octagonal cut of excellent workmanship gives the gem brightness and


Price:  1.325,00

Emerald, drop cut, 0.85 ct

[Cod. SM0253]

A teardrop cut that is easy to imagine set on an original ring or on a classic pendant accompanied by the precious white of the


Price:  1.030,00

Emerald, round cut, 0.75 ct

[Cod. SM0254]

Particularly sought after and highly appreciated, the round cut on emeralds undoubtedly lends to unique and refined creations. This beautiful specimen from the magnificent color


Price:  865,00

Emerald, oval cut, 2.21 ct

[Cod. SM0252]

Exceptional intensity of color, bright crystal and well cut in a refined oval with an important carat, this Emerald is undoubtedly destined to shine at


Price:  3.150,00

Emerald, octagonal cut, 1.21 ct

[Cod. SM0250]

An exceptionally limpid and extremely bright crystal for this magnificent example of Emerald with a classic octagonal cut, which boasts a very respectable size thanks


Price:  1.459,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Emerald, round cut, 1.41 ct

[Cod. SM0256]

Unusual round cut for this magnificent specimen of Emerald from the beautiful color point and the rich faceting, which gives the gem an extraordinary brilliance.


Price:  1.620,00

Emerald, drop cut, 1.31 ct

[Cod. SM0263]

Easy to imagine the magnificent effect that this gem will give to the pendant or ring that will have it as a protagonist. Size of


Price:  1.760,00

Emerald, octagonal cut, 2.09 ct

[Cod. sm0246]

Exceptional color intensity for this magnificent Emerald of over two carats with a classic octagon cut. The beautiful bright and very transparent crystal for the


Price:  2.995,00

Colombian Emerald, octagonal cut, 1.27 ct

[Cod. SM0237]

Colombia, the most valuable source in the world for Emeralds, is the origin of this beautiful specimen, from a classic octagonal cut and a magnificent


Price:  780,00

Emerald, octagonal cut, 2.19 ct

[Cod. SM0247]

Over two carats of weight for this beautiful octagonal emerald with intense and extremely vivid green . Crystal rich in gloss and well cut. A


Price:  2.950,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Pair of Emeralds, drop cut 1.57 ct tot.

[Cod. SM0249]

Magnificent pair of Emeralds, perfect choice to give life to earrings of prestige and great impact. Color, brightness and cut quality will not disappoint the


Price:  1.798,00

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