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Emerald, cushion cut, 1.45 ct

[Cod. SM0268]

It is rare to admire such a pure and brilliant crystal among the Emeralds. In this magnificent specimen, these extraordinary peculiarities are combined with a


Price:  2.175,00

Colombian Emerald, octagon cut, 1.24 ct

[Cod. SM0242]

Precious Colombian origin for this beautiful specimen of Emerald with the classic octagonal cut and the exceptional brightness and transparency of the crystal. Dimensions suitable


Price:  985,00

Emerald, oval cut, 1.50 ct

[Cod. SM0262]

A carat and a half exact for this magnificent specimen of Emerald with a classic oval cut and a nice color point, bright and intense


Price:  1.795,00

Emerald, oval cut, 1.82 ct

[Cod. SM0232]

An exceptionally transparent crystal, a beautiful green, intense and luminous at the same time and a sparkling cut : these are the distinctive traits of


Price:  2.195,00

Emerald, heart cut, 1.41 ct

[Cod. SM0266]

An intense and deep green for this beautiful Emerald specimen with a refined and romantic heart cut. By size, a gem that will be the


Price:  1.995,00

Emerald, heart cut, 0.86 ct

[Cod. SM0265]

A cut refined and rarely so harmonious for proportions, for this magnificent Emerald heart from an intense and brilliant green. Excellent front dimensions for this weight.


Price:  1.195,00

Emerald, heart cut, 0.82 ct

[Cod. SM0267]

If the heart shape for Emeralds is rare, even more rare is an heart cut Emerald of excellent workmanship and beautiful proportions as this splendid


Price:  1.195,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Colombian Emerald, octagonal cut, 1.37 ct

[Cod. SM0229]

The combination of color, transparency of the crystal and the natural brilliance of this Emerald specimen from the precious Colombian origin is magnificent. The beautiful


Price:  1.675,00

Pair of Emeralds, oval cut, 0.79 ct tot.

[Cod. SM0040]

A pair of Emeralds with perfect proportions to give life to a pair of stud earrings ideally surrounded by diamonds. The precious Colombian origin is


Price:  745,00

Pair of Emeralds, oval cut, 0.90 ct tot.

[Cod. SM0189]

The value of the Colombian origin is reflected on the beautiful color point of this pair of emeralds. Oval cut slightly elongated and dimensions suitable


Price:  755,00

Colombian Emerald, octagonal cut, 1.10 ct

[Cod. SM0236]

The value of Colombian origin, witnessed by the beautiful color point of this beautiful Smeraldo, is combined with a carat suitable for any realization, distributed


Price:  1.265,00

Colombian Emerald, octagonal cut, 1.15 ct

[Cod. SM0239]

Exceptional brilliance for this beautiful specimen of Emerald from the renowned Colombian origin. The classic octagonal cut of excellent workmanship gives the gem brightness and


Price:  1.325,00

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