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Pair of Rhodolite garnet, heart cut, 2.54 ct tot.

[Cod. GR0121]

A deep and intense red and the beautiful heart cut make this pair of Rhodolite variety Garnets a romantic and passionate choice, perfect for celebrating


Price:  249,00

Spessartite garnet, heart cut, 3.22 ct

[Cod. GR0125]

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian.


Price:  495,00

Tsavorite, oval cut, 0.79 ct

[Cod. GR0135]

Tsavorite garnet, a rare and precious variety of African origin, unique in its species to present such a vivid and bright green. This gem is


Price:  349,00

Rhodolite Garnet, cushion cut, 6.22 ct

[Cod. GR0115]

Rhodolite garnet of important dimensions and with an intense red color of medium tonality. The crystal is transparent and clear, free of inclusions. The warm


Price:  795,00

Spessartite Garnet, cushion cut, 1.60 ct

[Cod. GR0127]

Garnet of the Spessartina variety. A rare variety and a specimen characterized by a bright orange color. The faceted cut enhances the sparkles and the


Price:  185,00

Orange Garnet, oval cut, 10.35 ct

[Cod. GR0107]

A spectacular bright orange red with rich and bright sparkles makes this beautiful Hessonite Garnet an impressive choice. The important dimensions are perfect for giving


Price:  698,00

Spessartite Garnet, cushion cut, 1.79 ct

[Cod. GR0126]

Lively and extremely bright, the golden orange of this beautiful specimen of the Spessartite Garnet variety. The refined cushion cut and the rich facet make


Price:  195,00

Tsavorite, marquise cut, 0.91 ct

[Cod. GR0130]

Gem appreciated for the magnificent bright and brilliant green point of the best specimens, Tsavorite is still known by few. In this beautiful marquise, the


Price:  394,00

Purple changing color garnet, oval cut, 4.15 ct

[Cod. GR0104]

The most fascinating discovery in recent years in the field of gemology was a rare purple garnet with a color change from East Africa, mainly


Price:  1.190,00

Purple changing color garnet, oval cut, 3.24 ct

[Cod. GR0105]

The peculiarity of this very rare purple garnet is the change of color: under cold light the purple is saturated and lively while under incandescent


Price:  895,00

Malaya Garnet, oval cut, 2.26 ct

[Cod. GR0089]

The main feature of this Malaya garnet is the brilliance of its oval cut, the color is slightly changing depending on whether the light is


Price:  249,00

Malaya Garnet, oval cut, 2.46 ct

[Cod. GR0080]

Mayan garnet with an intense orange color and medium dark hue. The gem has a transparent and free of inclusions crystal. The particular hue of


Price:  355,00

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