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Changing color Garnet, heart cut, 1.04 ct

[Cod. GR0064]

Not only the rare Alexandrites boast the fascinating change of color effect: this beautiful specimen of Garnet from a romantic heart-cut shows a beautiful blue-green


Price:  595,00

Mandarine garnet, oval cut, 9.28 ct

[Cod. GR0060]

Garnet Mandarin is the most precious variety among the Garnets of the Spessartin variety. The fire of this gorgeous garnet animated by the crystal brilliance will


Price:  875,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Tsavorite garnet, oval cut, 1.64 ct

[Cod. GR0059]

Spectacular variety of garnet from the extraordinarily intense green, so much to be often preferred to the precious Emerald, Tsavorite is definitely a gem of


Price:  1.090,00

Tsavorite, octagonal cut, 1.49 ct

[Cod. GR0058]

Extraordinary brilliance and outstanding clarity, which enchant at first glance, for this beautiful Tsavorite, rare variety of unique green garnet, from the elegant octagonal cut and good


Price:  998,00

Cushion cut rhodolite garnet, 5.99 ct

[Cod. GR0031]

This gorgeous example of rhodolite garnet is as good as other famous red coloured gemstones. It has an intense and deep hue, as well as


Price:  398,00

Oval cut Tsavorite garnet, 1.22 ct

[Cod. GR0018]

The Tsavorite garnet has a symbolical name, in honour of Tsavo National Park in Kenya, one of the vastest African natural reserve. This example of


Price:  398,00

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Octagonal cut spessartine garnet, 4.00 ct

[Cod. GR012]

This beautiful deep red spessartine garnet was extracted in Nigeria, where the finest specimens are usually found. The crystal has an extraordinary clarity and the


Price:  189,00

Oval cut spessartine garnet, 5.07 ct

[Cod. GR011]

Nigerian spessartine garnet with a magnificent fire-red colour and an excellent oval cut. It is the perfect choice for an impressive still classic jewel thanks


Price:  238,00

Teardrop cut red spessartine garnet, 6.54 ct

[Cod. 000812]

Beautiful drop of Tanzanian spessartine garnet. The intense red of this gemstone shines thanks to its very good multi-faceted cut and the natural brilliance of


Price:  694,00

Cushion-cut malaya garnet, 4.43 ct

[Cod. 000818]

The amber-orange colour is typical of these spectacular African garnets. The quality of this specimen is excellent due to its high colour saturation, the clarity


Price:  745,00

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