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Morganite, oval cut 30.78 ct

[Cod. MG0107]

Magnificent Morganite with intense pink color. It is a rare gem of important size and carat. Its crystal is transparent and has no visible inclusions


Price:  3.390,00

Morganite, oval cut, 4.08 ct

[Cod. MG0108]

Beautiful specimen of Morganite with excellent color and clear brilliance. The oval cut has an excellent proportion and many facets that generate brightness also thanks


Price:  379,00

Morganite, drop cut, 3.50 ct

[Cod. MG0063]

Drop-cut morganite with important frontal dimensions and a thickness reduced to a minimum. The crystal is clear and transparent and has a delicate pink color


Price:  115,00

Morganite, cushion cut, 3.33 ct

[Cod. MG0104]

Morganite with beautiful pink color and an elegant cushion cut, brilliant and well proportioned. It is an example of excellent quality and value that can


Price:  309,00

Morganite, rectangular cut, 2.01 ct

[Cod. MG0065]

Gem of morganite with a brilliant princess cut. The crystal is transparent and has a delicate pink color. This specimen could be suitable for a


Price:  90,00

Morganite, drop cut, 2.78 ct

[Cod. MG0103]

The most noticeable feature of this gem is its brilliance due to the cut and the many facets. This Morganite also has excellent pink color


Price:  245,00

Morganite, oval cut, 7.52 ct

[Cod. MG0109]

The richness of the facets of the beautiful oval cut of this Morganite gives the gem extraordinary sparkles, to enhance the color point and the


Price:  749,00

Morganite, oval cut, 15.89 ct

[Cod. MG0098]

A pink variety of Beryl, Morganite therefore belongs to the precious family which Emerald and Aquamarine belong to. This beautiful specimen of over fifteen carats


Price:  1.475,00

Morganite, oval cut, 3.86 ct

[Cod. MG0100]

Morganite with a typical peach pink color that we evaluate as excellent for the brilliance and transparency of the crystal. The cut is very well


Price:  359,00

Morganite, oval cut, 5.06 ct

[Cod. MG0099]

Brilliance of the crystal and intensity of color, on shades of peach pink make this beautiful Morganite of over five carats a choice of great


Price:  475,00

Morganite, fancy trillion cut, 2.74 ct

[Cod. MG0095]

The peculiarity of the trillion cut boasts passionate admirers, who appreciate its uniqueness and character: romantic if mounted with the tip up, decisive if mounted


Price:  195,00

Morganite, oval cut, 16.02 ct

[Cod. MG0101]

An intense and extremely refined peach pink, animated by golden reflections on the rich facets, for this magnificent specimen of Morganite of over sixteen carats.


Price:  1.450,00

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