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Morganite, trillion cut, 2.94 ct

[Cod. MG0086]

The trillion cut gives a special and character to this beautiful Morganite with a delicate pink point, just under three carats. Brilliant and luminous crystal.


Price:  165,00

Morganite, trillion cut, 2.27 ct

[Cod. MG0044-1]

A trillion cut of great charm and personality for this beautiful Morganite with harmonious proportions and a beautiful color. Naturally bright and exceptionally brilliant crystal.


Price:  194,00

Morganite, marquise cut, 6.12 ct

[Cod. MG0096]

The most sophisticated cut for the most feminine of gems, a combination that lets you imagine the creation of a jewel of great charm, for


Price:  598,00

Morganite, octagonal cut, 2.76 ct

[Cod. MG0043]

The most feminine and refined pink is undoubtedly that of Morganite, a gem that is increasingly known and appreciated in the world of fine jewelry.


Price:  165,00

Sale! Morganite, cushion cut, 2.99 ct

On sale

Morganite, cushion cut, 2.99 ct

[Cod. MG0087]

The very special proportions of this beautiful Morganite make it the perfect choice to make a pendant with a strong personality and an undoubted effect.


Price:  269,00  250,00

Morganite, cushion cut, 3.74 ct

[Cod. MG0094]

The refined pink of this beautiful Morganite is combined with the most elegant of cuts: a harmonious cushion of over three and a half carats,


Price:  419,00

Morganite, marquise cut, 5.14 ct

[Cod. MG0060]

A magnificent pink from the intense peach nuances is the distinctive trait of this beautiful Morganite, a gem belonging to the Beryl family, such as


Price:  769,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Morganite, octagonal cut, 3.43 ct

[Cod. MG0049]

A delicate and refined feminine pink, illuminated by a sophisticated butterfly faceting that gives fascinating sparkles, for this beautiful Morganite octagonal cut. Perfect combination with


Price:  274,00

Morganite, octagonal cut, 3.69 ct

[Cod. MG0059]

The morganite has seen its popularity grow in recent years thanks to the high jewelry brands that have used this gem as the protagonist of


Price:  375,00

Morganite, marquise cut, 2.34 ct

[Cod. MG0066]

The marquise cut has many admirers, for its appeal of sophistication and nobility of this so special shape. This beautiful Morganite seems perfect to create a refined and


Price:  229,00

Morganite, cushion cut, 14.21 ct

[Cod. MG0078]

An extraordinarily intense color, made even more precious by the absolute naturalness of this superb specimen of Morganite, is married to a major caliber, worthy


Price:  2.875,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Morganite, marquise cut, 4.56 ct

[Cod. MG0055]

The marquise cut adds a unique charm to this beautiful Morganite from the delicate pink and exceptional brightness. The size of this gemstone lets imagine


Price:  239,00

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