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Noble Opal, oval cabochon cut, 3.22 ct

[Cod. OP0089]

Noble opal with a translucent white matrix and an evident harlequin effect with plays of light from yellow, green and orange. The oval cut and


Price:  235,00

Noble Opal, oval cabochon cut, 11.76 ct

[Cod. OP0092]

Oval opal with an opaque white matrix and evident play of light from yellow to orange. A gem of excellent quality and large dimensions, suitable


Price:  695,00

Noble Opal, oval cabochon cut, 13.05 ct

[Cod. OP0099]

Opal of important dimensions and splendid plays of light from bright green to yellow. It has a clear, white and semi-transparent matrix. The oval cabochon


Price:  825,00

Noble Opal, oval cabochon cut, 4.01 ct

[Cod. OP0094]

Noble Opal of excellent quality and with evident harlequin effect. The plays of light vary from yellow, green to orange. The size of the oval


Price:  239,00

Noble Blue Opal, cabochon cut, 3.75 ct

[Cod. OP0093]

Opal with a particular deep blue color. The matrix is opaque and has harlequin effect with blue and green reflections. The oval-shaped cabochon can be


Price:  225,00

Noble Opal, oval cabochon cut, 5.75 ct

[Cod. OP0090]

For proportions suitable for any creation, from the most classic pendant to a cocktail-style ring, this beautiful Opal gem boasts a beautiful opalescence effect: vivid


Price:  395,00

Noble Opal, drop cabochon cut, 8.75 ct

[Cod. OP0100]

Among the most fascinating gems, for its magical chromatic play, unique to each specimen, the Opal boasts particularly passionate admirers. This beautiful cabochon drop features


Price:  594,00

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Noble Green Opal, cabochon cut, 6.48 ct

[Cod. OP0091]

Opal with a dark matrix and play of colors with a predominantly green tint. Harlequin effect is evident and can be appreciated under various light


Price:  419,00

White Opal, drop cabochon cut, 5.84 ct

[Cod. OP0095]

Opal Noble White whose harlequin is evident and of excellent quality. The tapered teardrop shape is very fascinating and suitable for the creation of a


Price:  399,00

White Opal, oval cabochon cut, 5.11 ct

[Cod. OP0097]

Very refined white opal with evident light effects of various colors. This characteristic is certainly a characteristic of excellence that defines the quality of this


Price:  358,00

White Opal, oval cabochon cut, 14.19 ct

[Cod. OP0085]

Opal that has an excellent harlequin. The play of light is changing. In the photo they look mainly green but in reality the eye perceives


Price:  945,00

Noble Opal, oval cabochon cut, 9.93 ct

[Cod. OP0088]

Opal with a very particular and fascinating coloring. The play of light of an opal is very difficult to describe but its yellow matrix is


Price:  655,00

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