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Noble Opal, cabochon cut, 2.76 ct

[Cod. OP0075]

The rich opalescence of this beautiful specimen of Noble Opal from oval cabochon cut is enriched by a third dimension thanks to the semitransparent crystal.


Price:  139,00

Noble Opal, cabochon cut, 2.74 ct

[Cod. OP0076]

Rich opalescences in shades of green and pink-orange follow one another in the three dimensions of this beautiful Opal from an oval cabochon cut, thanks


Price:  139,00

Pair of Opals, cabochon cut, 3.61 ct tot.

[Cod. OP0074]

It is rare to find an opalescence so spectacular, even rarer to admire it in equal intensity on two Opals that can be matched in form


Price:  279,00

Sold out In CartDetails

White opal, oval cabochon cut, 7.62 ct

[Cod. OP0050]

The slight surface transparency of this magnificent white Opal, animates the rich weave of color games of a third dimension, giving fascinating color effects at the movement.


Price:  639,00

White opal, cabochon cut, 1.76 ct

[Cod. 0P0057]

The white body of this beautiful Opal is dressed by a dense weave of iridescences on delicate orange and pink hues. The limited size makes


Price:  129,00

White opal, drop cabochon cut, 4.56 ct

[Cod. OP0055]

Gem from a timeless charm, Opal boasts passionate admirers, captured from the ever-changing play of light of the best specimens. This gemstone will not fail to


Price:  378,00

Noble opal, drop cabochon cut, 3.13 ct

[Cod. 0P0062]

It is silicon dioxide that the Opals owe their characteristic games of refraction, in some truly spectacular specimens. In this beautiful drop cabochon, bright fuchsia,


Price:  256,00

Noble opal, cabochon cut, 3.48 ct

[Cod. OP0067]

A rich tapestry of color plays seems to dance inside the crystal of this magnificent noble Opal from a classic oval cabochon cut. For size


Price:  285,00

Pair of noble opals, cabochon cut, 5.73 ct tot.

[Cod. OP0069]

Beautiful pair of noble Opals from a rich iridescence on the shades of green and orange, which, thanks to the slightly translucent crystal, seems to


Price:  465,00

White opal, drop cabochon cut, 7.21 ct

[Cod. OP0049]

A fine example of white opal, from a delicate iridescence and a remarkable opacity, that leave the beautiful milky white body of the gem in


Price:  564,00

White opal, cabochon cut, 4.84 ct

[Cod. OP0065]

The particular proportions of this beautiful noble white opal cabochon cut let imagine a jewel of sure charm. The semi-transparency of the gem draws on


Price:  435,00

Pair of opals, cabochon cut, 6.09 ct tot.

[Cod. OP0068]

Defined by Plinio second for beauty only to Emerald, Opal still boasts countless admirers for its peculiar feature – opalescence – to offer eye-catching chromatic


Price:  487,00

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