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Other Gemstones

Imperial Topaz, cushion cut, 5.58 ct

[Cod. TP0024]

A point of color that seems to light up with its own internal fire, the beautiful golden orange of this prized Imperial Topaz of over


Price:  1.670,00

Peridot, oval cut, 4.00 ct

[Cod. PE0052]

Four exact carats for this beautiful specimen of Peridot with a classic oval cut, for proportions and carat suitable for any realization. Magnificent point of


Price:  210,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Citrine Quartz, oval cut, 10.75 ct

[Cod. QZ0045]

Beautiful example of Citrine Quartz, with a full-bodied and golden yellow that in the crystal clear fades into light zoning of color. Classic oval cut


Price:  160,00

Imperial Topaz oval cut, 1.35 ct

[Cod. TP0021]

The color of pure gold illuminates the beautiful orange yellow, intense and luminous, of this precious Imperial Topaz from a refined oval cut. The dimensions


Price:  249,00

Peridot, oval fancy cut, 4.40 ct

[Cod. PE0051]

The very particular cut of this gem seems at first sight a classic oval but to a careful look it is marked along the beautiful


Price:  219,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Kunzite, cushion cut, 27.76 ct

[Cod. KZ0036]

Over 27 carats for this magnificent specimen of Kunzite of Brazilian origin with a splendid bright and exceptionally bright crystal. The cushion cut with a


Price:  995,00

Kunzite, cushion cut, 13.29 ct

[Cod. KZ0038]

The refinement of the cushion cut is combined with unusual proportions that give this beautiful Kunzite character and uniqueness. Clear and extremely brilliant crystal.


Price:  485,00

Kunzite, drop cut, 9.57 ct

[Cod. ]

Refined and from unusual proportions, the drop-shaped cut of this Kunzite from an intense and bright pink and crystal of almost 10 carats will surely


Price:  345,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Imperial Topaz, drop cut, 2.33 ct

[Cod. TP0023]

The finest variety of Topaz in a specimen of extraordinary beauty: the color point, in which a refined orange rose livens up with golden flashes


Price:  465,00

Kunzite, cushion cut, 18.24 ct

[Cod. KZ0035]

Over eighteen carats of weight for this beautiful Kunzite with a refined cushion cut and a delicate pink color. The particular faceting of the cut


Price:  549,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Imperial Topaz, cushion cut, 1.36 ct

[Cod. TP0022]

No photograph can capture the intense golden sparkle that animates the beautiful warm yellow of this precious Imperial Topaz. The very special cushion cut with


Price:  235,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Pair of Imperial Topazes, 3.37 ct tot.

[Cod. TP0020]

A warm golden yellow with very light shades of orange and pink for this beautiful pair of Imperial Topazes, the finest variety of the Topaz


Price:  685,00

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