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Coppia di Topazi Imperiali taglio a goccia, 3.96 ct tot.

[Cod. TP0039]

If it is true that the earrings are a precious crowning of a woman's eyes, this magnificent pair of precious Imperial Topazes will not fail


Price:  595,00

Kunzite, octagon cut, 4.26 ct

[Cod. KZ0052]

Very particular octagonal cut for this Kunzite of over 4 carats with pure and bright crystal. For dimensions suitable for any realization, this gem has


Price:  139,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Kunzite, cushion cut, 24.00 ct

[Cod. KZ0053]

A variety of Spodumene with a typical purplish pink color, Kunzite is appreciated for the beauty of the best specimens, with large, very pure and


Price:  965,00

Amethyst, drop cut, 9.31 ct

[Cod. AM0104]

Amethyst with a drop cut of generous dimensions and a warm purple color. The crystal is transparent and presents an excellent brilliance. This gem can


Price:  139,00

Imperial Topaz, drop cut, 1.24 ct

[Cod. TP0035]

Stone of great beauty still unknown to most, the Imperial Topaz is one of the most valuable gems within the vast family of quartz. This


Price:  189,00

Heliodorus, cushion cut 9.93 CT

[Cod. VA0013]

Heliodorus derives from the Greek "Gift of the Sun", a name that best describes the luminous brilliance of the golden yellow of the best specimens.


Price:  459,00

Amethyst, octagon cut, 7.65 ct

[Cod. AM0105]

Amethyst with a fascinating square octagonal cut. Crystal clear gemstone with a medium-toned purple color, not too dark. Suitable to be set in any type


Price:  120,00

Imperial Topaz, drop cut, 4.30 ct

[Cod. TP0040]

The pure and luminous crystal of this beautiful Imperial Topaz enhances its refined golden yellow hue. The elongated teardrop cut is of great charm and


Price:  679,00

Amethyst, oval cut, 39.64 ct

[Cod. QZ0062]

Very intense and vivid purple amethyst, a specimen of excellent quality and important carat. The crystal is transparent and free of inclusions and the numerous


Price:  598,00

Imperial Topaz, oval cut, 3.18 ct

[Cod. TP0038]

Imperial Topaz whose orange color denotes its excellence. The crystal is also very clean and with an oval cut that enhances the yellow-orange sparkles. A


Price:  949,00

Peridot, oval cut, 2.83 ct

[Cod. PE0057]

A beautiful specimen of oval peridot, with vivid and very bright color. The limpid and transparent crystal has been cut in order to enhance its


Price:  169,00

Peridot, heart cut, 2.23 ct

[Cod. PE0058]

Heart-shaped peridot, a fascinating cut, unusual for this gem that makes it very special. The vivid color of the peridot will make the jewel in


Price:  145,00

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