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Sale! Imperial Topaz, drop cut, 1.16 ct

On sale

Imperial Topaz, drop cut, 1.16 ct

[Cod. TP0019]

The most precious variety among the Topazes, not to be do not confuse the Imperial Topaz with the Citrine Quartz, a gem much more readily


Price:  159,00  150,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Peridot, oval cut, 5.56 ct

[Cod. PE0048]

The peridot, perfect in combination with the warm light of yellow gold, is increasingly appreciated in jewelry, for its intense and rich green that reminds


Price:  329,00

Pair of Peridots, oval cut, 6.81 ct tot.

[Cod. PE0049]

Historical protagonist of the jewels of high clergy and of knights, the Peridot still today is appreciated for its intense green and clear. This beautiful


Price:  398,00

Pair of Peridots, oval cut, 7.81 ct tot.

[Cod. PE0045]

Beautiful pair of Peridots, with an exceptional color point, intense and lively, illuminated by the brilliance of the crystal and the rich work of faceting


Price:  498,00

Peridot, oval cut, 2.82 ct

[Cod. PE0038]

A clever cut, which distributes the whole weight on the frontal dimensions, makes this Peridot of Brazilian origin an intelligent choice. Nice color point, bright


Price:  159,00

Peridot, drop cut, 1.91 ct

[Cod. PE0040]

Appreciated since the time of Cleopatra, Peridot is undoubtedly a gem of great charm, thanks to its bright and lively green that in the best specimens


Price:  105,00

Peridot, trillion cut, 2.69 ct

[Cod. PE0042]

Cutting from a strong personality, able to give uniqueness to any creation, the trillion boasts passionate admirers. On the magnificent green of this Peridot, it


Price:  169,00

Peridot, oval cut, 5.00 ct

[Cod. PE0046]

Five carats for this beautiful exemplar of peridot from an exceptionally intense and vivid green. Richly faceted oval cut enlight the gem of many sparkle, making this


Price:  298,00

Peridot, oval cut, 3.91 ct

[Cod. PE0047]

The typical delicate yet vivid green has made the Peridot loved and sought after over the centuries. Even today, jewelery firms increasingly use this gem which


Price:  239,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Pair of Peridots, oval cut, 6.27 ct tot.

[Cod. PE0044]

Peridots, also known as Olivines, have been known and appreciated for thousands of years thanks to their unique color point: a bright green that recalls


Price:  398,00

Amethyst, oval cut, 15.21 ct

[Cod. AM0063]

Over fifteen carats for this beautiful oval amethyst with a good color, a bright purple with refined shades of pink. Clear and naturally brilliant crystal


Price:  198,00

Amethyst, drop cut, 26.33 ct

[Cod. AM0060]

Coming from the rich Brazilian mines, this beautiful Amethyst boasts gemological characteristics of all respect: an exceptional color, intense and luminous at the same time,


Price:  415,00

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