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Other Gemstones

Imperial Topaz, drop cut, 1.77 ct

[Cod. TP0037]

Gem loved by the Russian Tsars of the seventeenth century, the Imperial Topaz is a precious and prestigious gem. This beautiful specimen with a refined


Price:  275,00

Imperial Topaz, oval cut, 1.83 ct

[Cod. TP0033]

Imperial in name, royal in fact: the magnificent golden yellow of this beautiful Topaz, rich and extremely bright, combined with the refined and particular cut,


Price:  325,00

Citrine Quartz, oval cut, 11.64 ct

[Cod. QZ0061]

Considered in crystal therapy capable of infusing self-esteem and optimism, Citrine Quartz is certainly a solar gem, for the magnificent golden yellow of the best


Price:  169,00

Amethyst, oval cut, 7.40 ct

[Cod. AM0100]

A purple with warm reflections for this beautiful amethyst with generous dimensions and more than seven carats in weight. The crystal is beautiful, clean, transparent


Price:  79,00

Kunzite, oval cut, 18.42 ct

[Cod. KZ0048]

Beautiful example of Kunzite of over fifteen carats, with an exceptional color and a very rich cut facet that gives the gem an extraordinary brilliance.


Price:  629,00

Amethyst, oval cut, 9.85 ct

[Cod. AM0101]

Over nine carats for this beautiful oval amethyst with a good color, a bright purple with refined shades of pink. Clear and naturally brilliant crystal


Price:  125,00

Amethyst, octagon cut, 6.58 ct

[Cod. AM0099]

Amethyst with a bright and brilliant cut thanks to a well-made emerald cut for finishing and proportions. The gem of Brazilian origin has important but


Price:  105,00

Yellow Beril, oval cut, 8.76 ct

[Cod. VA0014]

A beautiful golden yellow variety of Beryl, Heliodorus derives its name from the Greek, meaning "Gift from Heaven". In fact, for centuries considered the gem


Price:  395,00

Kunzite, oval cut, 8.73 ct

[Cod. KZ0046]

Kunzite at its finest: a richly faceted oval cut, which gives an incredible brilliance, a luminous and transparent crystal and a vivid and extremely characteristic


Price:  369,00

Cabochon cut amethyst, 9.29 ct.

[Cod. AM0102]

Also known as "Stone of the Spirit, amethyst is a gem widely used in jewelry but also for meditation. This specimen with an important carat


Price:  99,00

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Citrine Quartz, oval cut, 15.99 ct

[Cod. QZ0060]

Over fifteen carats for this beautiful specimen of Citrine Quartz with a beautiful golden yellow crystal and a classic oval cut. For those who want


Price:  233,00

Imperial Topaz, drop cut, 1.57 ct

[Cod. TP0029]

Gem loved by the Tsars of the seventeenth century, in whose honor this refined and precious variety was named, the Imperial Topaz boasts passionate admirers


Price:  285,00

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