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Ruby, oval cut, 1.43 ct

[Cod. RB0215]

Ruby of African origin with a beautiful intense red color, slightly purple. The oval cut predisposes it to many types of creations and to the


Price:  995,00

Ruby, not heated, heart cut, 1.27 ct

[Cod. RB0216]

An incredibly vivid and bright color point, in which the red turns towards bright pink tones, gives intensity and great visual impact to this beautiful


Price:  1.270,00

Ruby, oval cut, 1.01 ct

[Cod. RB0199]

Ruby gem of African origin with an intense red color and a beautiful crystal, very clean and free of visible inclusions. The oval cut, well


Price:  490,00

Ruby, oval cut, 1.07 ct

[Cod. RB0203]

African ruby with intense red color. The gem has a slight color change from garnet red under cold light to a bright red under daylight.


Price:  535,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Pair of Burma Rubies, oval cut, 0.85 ct tot.

[Cod. RB0211]

The most precious of its origins, evidenced by the exceptional point of red, for these magnificent Burmese Rubies with a classic oval cut. Perfect gems


Price:  759,00

Sale! Octagonal cut Ruby, 1.65 ct IGI

On sale

Octagonal cut Ruby, 1.65 ct IGI

[Cod. RB0047]

In India, land of magnificent gems, Ruby was considered the king among precious stones, the sacred gemstone par excellence. Undoubtedly also in the Western culture


Price:  1.960,00  1.850,00

Burma Ruby, oval cut, 1.00 cts

[Cod. RB0178]

Burmese Ruby with a transparent crystal and an excellent tint and color saturation that certainly testify to the quality of the gem. Since the Burmese


Price:  1.290,00

Burma Ruby, oval cut, 1.24 ct

[Cod. RB0166]

Ruby of Burmese origin with a light red and very bright tint. Its crystal is very transparent and clean due to its mineralogical species. A


Price:  1.340,00

Burma Ruby, oval cut, 1.10 ct

[Cod. RB0180]

Burmese Ruby with a clear and very bright hue, the crystal is transparent with small silky inclusions. The size of the oval is suitable for


Price:  1.190,00

Burma Ruby, oval cut, 1.25 ct

[Cod. RB0172]

Ruby of Burmese origin and of good quality. The crystal is transparent and the warm and deep red color, typical of the area of origin.


Price:  1.495,00

Ruby, oval cut, 1.31 ct

[Cod. RB0198]

Ruby red color with dark shades, its cut is good and the brilliant facets. The crystal is very clean and free of visible inclusions. The


Price:  685,00

Ruby, drop cut, 0.89 ct

[Cod. RB0202]

Ruby gem with a deep red color and brilliant reflections. The crystal is transparent and without obvious inclusions. A precious stone with good size and


Price:  448,00

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