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Blue Sapphire, cushion cut, 1.33 ct

[Cod. ZF0281]

Blue sapphire with a charming cushion cut. An elegant gem with an intense and glacial blue color. The crystal is transparent and has a good


Price:  895,00

Blue Sapphire, oval cut, 1.03 ct

[Cod. ZF0276]

Blue Ceylon Sapphire with beautiful blue color and transparent crystal. The graceful shape of the oval and the brilliance of the gem make it suitable


Price:  539,00

Blue Sapphire, oval cut, 0.74 ct

[Cod. ZF0275]

Blue Sapphire with an oval cut of excellent quality for the color and clarity of the crystal. The gem comes from the well-known Ceylon mines


Price:  439,00

Yellow Sapphire, octagon cut, 0.69 ct

[Cod. ZF0309]

A magnificent point of color, an intense yellow with rich golden reflections, animates the beautiful bright and clear crystal of this example of Sapphire. The


Price:  185,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Pink Sapphire, not heated, octagon cut, 0.71 ct

[Cod. ZF0284]

Sapphire with a fascinating pink color, in this gem we have not even found the common traces of heating, probably from this derives its natural


Price:  219,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Blue Sapphire, drop cut, 1.25 ct

[Cod. ZF0139]

The teardrop cut is the choice of choice for those who want to make a pendant, but it is also suitable for creating a ring.


Price:  345,00

Pair of Blue Sapphires, oval cut 0.57 ct

[Cod. ZF0299]

Pair of sapphires, blue light points with a beautiful typical Ceylon color and accentuated brilliance. They are two gems of excellent quality, suitable for making


Price:  279,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Yellow Sapphire, octagonal cut, 1.36 ct

[Cod. ZF0286]

The very particular point of golden yellow and the refined octagonal cut give this beautiful Sapphire a regal aspect. Beautiful proportions and crystal clear and


Price:  319,00

Yellow Sapphire, oval cut, 1.26 ct

[Cod. ZF0291]

Beautiful example of yellow Sapphire with a classic oval cut, harmoniously proportioned and well faceted, with a bright color and rich in sparkles. Dimensions suitable


Price:  315,00

Yellow Sapphire, round cut, 0.97 ct

[Cod. ZF0289]

Beautiful example of untreated Yellow Sapphire, with a bright color and extremely bright crystal. Round cut suitable for any creation, from the most classic combination


Price:  325,00

Blue Sapphire, drop cut, 1.60 ct

[Cod. ZF0270]

Sapphire with a deep and intense blue color with excellent saturation. The cut is symmetrical and well proportioned and the facets give sparkles that illuminate


Price:  1.650,00

Blue Sapphire, oval cut, 2.04 ct

[Cod. ZF0272]

Blue sapphire with an excellent tint as a tradition of the best material of Ceylon origin. The transparent crystal, thanks to a well executed faceted


Price:  2.245,00

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