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Pair of Blue Sapphire, oval cut, 1.66 ct

[Cod. ZF0322]

The most precious blue, which gemologists call "Royal Blue", is the pride of this beautiful pair of Sapphires with a classic oval cut. For size


Price:  1.265,00

Sale! Blue Sapphire, oval cut, 3.00 ct (IGI)

On sale

Blue Sapphire, oval cut, 3.00 ct (IGI)

[Cod. ZF0207]

Richly multifaceted and well proportioned, the oval cut of this beautiful specimen of Ceylon Sapphire of three exact carats, lets you easily imagine the creation


Price:  3.125,00  2.990,00

Blue Sapphire, oval cut, 3.18 ct

[Cod. ZF0320]

Over three carats of weight for this magnificent specimen of blue Sapphire with a typical Ceylon blue of great charm. The beautiful wisely faceted oval


Price:  3.590,00

Blue Sapphire, oval cut, 1.03 ct

[Cod. ZF0335]

Beautiful specimen of Blue Sapphire, with an intense color and a very bright oval cut that gives light and sparkles to the gem. A clear


Price:  975,00

Blue Sapphire, not heated, octagon cut, 0.86 ct

[Cod. ZF0328]

A blue sapphire that we obtained by cutting new raw material from a small African mine. A small carat stone with a blue, slightly green


Price:  119,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Blue Sapphire, cushion cut, 1.76 ct

[Cod. ZF0334]

Sapphire with an intense and saturated color, defined as Royal Blue in its area of origin Ceylon or today's Sri Lanka. A first quality gem


Price:  1.935,00

Blue Sapphire, oval cut, 1.40 ct

[Cod. ZF0302]

Blue Sapphire with an excellent color tone typical of Ceylon gems, a medium carat and a high quality that can satisfy the most demanding customers.


Price:  1.190,00

Pink Sapphire, octagon cut, 3.12 ct

[Cod. ZF0333]

Sapphire specimen with a vivid pink-purple color, perhaps not well perceptible in the photos. A sapphire gem of this color is very rare and its


Price:  2.850,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Pair of Sapphire, oval cut, 0.81 tot.

[Cod. ZF0332]

Pair of sapphires with an excellent blue, bright and vivid color. The gems are also very bright thanks to the well-faceted oval cut. The carat


Price:  379,00

Blue Sapphire, oval cut, 1.82 ct

[Cod. ZF0315]

Splendid example of Sapphire with the typical Ceylon blue tint, extremely bright, best enhanced by the beautiful clear and pure crystal. Frontal dimensions superior to


Price:  1.859,00

Yellow Sapphire, no heated, oval cut 1.39 ct

[Cod. ZF0287]

A golden yellow rich in light and brilliance for this beautiful example of yellow Sapphire belonging to that 1% of Sapphires not subjected to even


Price:  329,00

Pink Sapphire, unheated, octagon cut, 074 ct

[Cod. ZF0283]

Precious and refined, this beautiful specimen of pink Sapphire boasts the absence of any treatment, even the very common heating. Magnificent color point, best enhanced


Price:  245,00

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