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Pink Spinel, oval cut, 1.25 ct

[Cod. SP0054]

A feminine and refined rose, enhanced by an extraordinary brilliance, and a clear and luminous crystal are the distinctive features of this beautiful specimen of


Price:  195,00

Pink Spinel, heart cut, 1.19 ct

[Cod. SP0058]

The most feminine pink for the most romantic of cuts, the heart-shaped one, for this beautiful small Spinel with great charm, whose naturally brilliant crystal


Price:  298,00

Red Spinel, oval cut, 2.50 ct

[Cod. SP0053]

Spinel with a red tint, of excellent quality and rarity. The hue and the carat weight are in fact fundamental in the price of the


Price:  649,00

Red Spinel, oval cut, 2.39 ct

[Cod. SP0060]

Spinel with an intense purple red color and good size. The stone has a beautiful oval cut that enhances its brilliance and a limpid and


Price:  435,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Pink Spinel, heart cut, 1.36 ct

[Cod. SP0059]

A pink spinel of a very bright heart cut and a lively hue. The crystal is very clear and without visible inclusions. A gem of


Price:  349,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Pink Spinel, oval cut, 1.13 ct

[Cod. SP0055]

Good quality spinel, with a beautiful clear crystal and a warm pink color. The well proportioned and brilliant cut gives light to this gemstone with


Price:  199,00

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Pink Spinel, heart cut, 1.81 ct

[Cod. SP0056]

gemstone with a heart-shaped cut and very bright. The color is pink with a little evident purple tint and good saturation. The transparent and clean


Price:  548,00

Red Spinel, oval cut, 2.05 ct

[Cod. SP0045]

A very special shade of color, in which the purple rose heats up with red-orange shades for this fine Spinel with a classic oval cut.


Price:  325,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Red Spinel, drop cut, 2.02 ct

[Cod. SP0052]

Perfect proportions to give life to a refined pendant, for this fine specimen of Spinel drop cut. The color, a purplish red animated by orange


Price:  319,00

Red Spinel, marquise cut, 1.98 ct

[Cod. SP0046]

Appreciated for centuries for its magnificent colors and the clear and pure crystals of the best examples, Spinel knows how to be the protagonist of


Price:  309,00

Cushion-cut red spinel, 1.21 ct

[Cod. SP0020]

Good example of precious and rare red spinel, with exceptionally clear crystal. The cushion-cut emphasises gem’s weight in carat and it is suitable for every


Price:  292,00

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