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Red purple Spinel, cushion cut, 1.97 ct

[Cod. SP0065]

Spinel with an elegant cushion cut. Gem with an intense purple red color, a hue that is difficult to find in other mineralogical species. Red


Price:  239,00

Pink Spinel, oval cut 0.97 ct

[Cod. SP0069]

For those unfamiliar with the beautiful Spinel, this magnificent specimen is a perfect presentation: a point of intense and vivid color, a clear and transparent


Price:  235,00

Red Spinel, oval cut, 1.53 ct

[Cod. SP0078]

Among the most vivid and particular reds in the world of gems, that of Spinello is the least known. This magnificent specimen, with a unique


Price:  545,00

Pink spinel, drop cut, 2.68 ct

[Cod. SP0076]

Spinels have not yet achieved the notoriety they deserve, still known and appreciated by experts and enthusiasts of rare gems. Yet their beauty has never


Price:  325,00

Purple Spinel, oval cut, 1.21 ct

[Cod. SP0067]

An extremely refined point of color, between pink and purple, illuminated by rich sparkles is the pride of this beautiful example of Spinel with a


Price:  229,00

Pink Spinel, cushion cut, 1.24 ct

[Cod. SP0071]

The cushion cut with beautiful proportions gives a particular charm to this beautiful specimen of pink Spinel. Dimensions suitable for any creation, both solitaire and


Price:  198,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Pink Spinel, oval cut, 1.14 ct

[Cod. SP0073]

A very refined pink and a luminous, pure, and transparent crystal are the hallmarks of this beautiful example of Spinel with a classic oval cut.


Price:  285,00

Red Spinel, oval cut, 4.14 ct

[Cod. SP0079]

A precious stone that in the best specimens boasts magnificent colors and clear and bright crystals, Spinel is still known by few. A splendid example


Price:  3.990,00

Purple spinel oval cut, 1.84 ct

[Cod. SP0064]

Spinel whose color appears more or less purple or purple depending on the light. A very brilliant gem with a faceted oval cut and a


Price:  229,00

Purple Spinel, octagonal cut, 1.44 ct

[Cod. SP0068]

Spinelbbb with an attractive purple pink color and a fascinating rectangular shape, faceted to bring out its sparkles. A gem whose quality is characterized by


Price:  235,00

Pink Spinel, marquise cut, 1.31 ct

[Cod. SP0063]

Among the most sought after gems by enthusiasts and perhaps less known to most, Spinel is undoubtedly a precious and fascinating gem. This beautiful specimen


Price:  329,00

Red Spinel, octagonal cut, 0.88 ct

[Cod. SP0077]

If you are looking for a gem with a unique color, this beautiful Spinel is the right choice: an incredibly bright red point with very


Price:  389,00

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