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Tanzanite, oval cut, 2.70 ct

[Cod. TZ0138]

The color point is magnificent, the brilliance of the crystal is exceptional for this Tanzanite with a classic oval cut of almost one centimeter in


Price:  1.080,00

Tanzanite, cushion cut, 1.34 ct

[Cod. TZ0155]

Fineness and charm come together in this beautiful Tanzanite with an elegant cushion cut. A beautiful point of blue made extraordinarily brilliant by the wise


Price:  398,00

Tanzanite, drop cut, 5.29 ct

[Cod. TZ0183]

Now known and sought after even outside the circle of connoisseurs and lovers of rare gems, Tanzanite is undoubtedly a gem of great charm. This


Price:  2.198,00

Tanzanite, heart cut, 4.16 ct

[Cod. TZ0147]

The most romantic among cuts, a heart richly faceted, gives this unique tanzanite of over four carats a unique personality. Increasingly appreciated in the world


Price:  1.985,00

Tanzanite, trillion cut, 9.38 ct

[Cod. TZ0182]

Extraordinary the intensity of color of this Tanzanite, extraordinary the trillion cut in which the facets seem to capture the eye in the depth of


Price:  6.090,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Pair of Tanzanites, drop cut, 2.37 ct tot.

[Cod. TZ0160]

It’s easy to imagine these two beautiful drop-shaped Tanzanites mounted on a refined pair of pendant earrings. Brilliant and clear crystal, luminous blue and enriched


Price:  639,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Tanzanite, heart cut, 1.53 ct

[Cod. TZ0150]

Magnificent specimen of the rare Tanzanite, here even more rare in the splendid heart cut. Brilliant, luminous crystal, full of sparkles for a gem that


Price:  659,00

Tanzanite, cushion cut, 1.12 ct

[Cod. TZ0163]

The beautiful clear and luminous crystal of this Tanzanite specimen is combined with the refined cushion cut from square proportions, allowing the creation of an impresive


Price:  295,00

Tanzanite, heart cut, 3.73

[Cod. TZ0149]

Magnificent richly faceted heart cut, beautiful clear and luminous crystal, a vivid and brilliant blue make this Tanzanite a brilliant choice, for those who want


Price:  1.795,00

Tanzanite, oval cut, 2.63 ct

[Cod. TZ0131]

Thanks to the rich faceting cleverly created on the beautiful luminous crystal of this gem, the blue of this stunning  Tanzanite lights up with great


Price:  1.030,00

Pair of Tanzanite, cushion cut, 5.81 ct tot.

[Cod. TZ0144]

Beautiful pair of Tanzanites with a refined cushion cut, perfect to give life to a pair of earrings both pendant and lobe. Nice point of


Price:  2.325,00

Pair of Tanzanites, drop cut, 1.99 ct tot.

[Cod. TZ0134]

The beautiful drop cut of these one carat Tanzanites makes it easy to imagine the creation of a pair of pendant earrings with a certain


Price:  719,00

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