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Orange Tourmaline, oval cut, 5.93 ct

[Cod. TO0097]

A unique color point in which red, orange and purple hues blend beautifully for this beautiful Tourmaline of almost six carats of Brazilian origin. Dimensions


Price:  525,00

Orange Tourmaline, oval cut, 2.08 ct

[Cod. TO0091]

A very special shade of color, between a golden orange and an intense pink, makes this Tourmaline of over two carats a choice of great personality.


Price:  185,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Pink Tourmaline, oval cut, 1.74 ct

[Cod. TO0087]

Used in crystallotherapy to inspire a spirit of initiative and perseverance in its wearer, the Pink Tourmaline is undoubtedly appreciated for color vibrancy and brilliance


Price:  139,00

Green tourmaline octagonal cut, 3.60 ct

[Cod. TO0084]

Very bright, beautiful green tourmaline, thanks to a well-done faceted octagonal cut this gem shines and holds a lot of charm. A gem with excellent characteristics and


Price:  227,00

Octagonal cut two-coloured tourmaline, 3.69 ct

[Cod. TO0082]

Nowaday the bicolor tourmalines from red to yellow are very rare. The clarity of the crystal and the brilliance of the cut makes it undoubtedly suitable for a precious jewel


Price:  330,00

Sold out In CartDetails

Green tourmaline, rectangular cut, 5.89 ct

[Cod. TO0047]

Great charm and very special hue make this rare tourmaline a very elegant gemstone. The rectangular cut brings out the bluish hue which combined with the


Price:  359,00

Bicolor tourmaline octagonal cut, 3.33 ct

[Cod. TO0039]

The good cut of this special two-color tourmaline enhances its aesthetic and gemological characteristics. The high clarity of the crystal allows to clearly see the beautiful color variation that


Price:  265,00

Pair of tourmalines, octagonal cut, 5.67 ct tot

[Cod. TO0083]

This pair of tourmalines stands out for the particular elongated octagonal cut which makes them sophisticated and elegant, emphasizing the excellent clarity of the crystal.


Price:  330,00

Pair of round cut orange tourmaline, 7.27 ct tot.

[Cod. 000971]

Those who love the warm shades of orange will remain fascinated by this beautiful and brilliant pair of tourmalines, ideal for the creation of original cufflinks


Price:  690,00

Tourmaline Rubellite, fancy cut, 3.80 ct

[Cod. TO0080]

The distinctive feature of this beautiful rubellite tourmaline is the unusual fancy cut: its geometries, in fact, give noticeable light effects to this crystal that


Price:  390,00

Chrome tourmaline, cushion cut, 2.59 ct

[Cod. TO0079]

Beautiful chrome tourmaline from interesting gemological and aesthetic features. The color is intense and deep, thanks to the dark green shades and bottle green sparkles.


Price:  238,00

Chrome tourmaline, oval cut, 2.51 ct

[Cod. TO0078]

The deep colour of this tourmaline and the tone of its color hide the beautiful green highlights that, thanks to the geometries of the cut,


Price:  225,00

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