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Red Tourmaline, drop cut 2.90 ct

[Cod. TO0171]

Beautiful example of Rubellite Tourmaline, with an intense and deep red. The elegant teardrop cut with magnificent proportions and good size makes this gem the


Price:  279,00

Sale! Mint green Tourmaline, cushion cut, 4.53 ct

On sale

Mint green Tourmaline, cushion cut, 4.53 ct

[Cod. TO0170]

An extraordinary and impressive color for this magnificent example of Tourmaline: a bright, refined mint green, lit by rich sparkles. The cushion cut gives sophistication


Price:  425,00  399,00

Sale! Pink Tourmaline, oval cut, 1.57 ct

On sale

Pink Tourmaline, oval cut, 1.57 ct

[Cod. TO0167]

Tourmaline rubellite, a gem with a refined intense pink color. The faceted oval cut makes the crystal transparent, bright and full of sparkles. Size and


Price:  119,00  105,00

Pink Tourmaline, cushion cut, 1.56 ct

[Cod. TO0169]

Rubellite tourmaline with a fascinating pink color. The faceted cushion cut makes the gem very bright and with a shape suitable to be mounted on


Price:  99,00

Green Tourmaline, oval cut, 1.44 ct

[Cod. TO0164]

Green tourmaline, a precious gem with a refined slightly bluish green color, of medium tone. In addition to presenting a clean and transparent crystal, the


Price:  189,00

Rainbow Tourmaline, octagonal cut, 6.99 ct

[Cod. TO0166]

Legend has it that the Tourmaline traveling along the rainbow brought with it all the colors, as it is one of the few species that


Price:  549,00

Green Tourmaline, trillion cut, 3.10 ct

[Cod. TO0157]

Tourmaline with a fascinating green color and a cut with many facets and sparkles. A gemstone suitable for making a pendant or a particular ring


Price:  249,00

Bicolor Tourmaline, octagon cut, 9.50 ct

[Cod. TO0160]

Splendid example of Tourmaline of almost ten carats and of important dimensions that presents the peculiarity of the two-tone: inside the crystal the orange red


Price:  1.139,00

Green Tourmaline, octagonal cut, 2.54 ct

[Cod. TO0163]

An octagonal cut with slightly elongated proportions and a deep and intense forest green are the hallmarks of this beautiful green tourmaline of over two


Price:  249,00

Sale! Octagonal cut green tourmaline, 11.85 ct

On sale

Octagonal cut green tourmaline, 11.85 ct

[Cod. TO0041]

This unique green tourmaline, with slight shades of light due to its splendid brilliance, is a peculiar example. The remarkable weight in carat makes it


Price:  835,00  785,00

Pair of green Tourmalines, square cut, 1.87 ct tot.

[Cod. TO0159]

Pair of green tourmalines with a very bright green tint, two gems that stand out for their brilliance and faceted square cut. The Verdelite variety


Price:  139,00

Bicolor Tourmaline, oval cut, 5.67 ct

[Cod. TO0162]

Anyone looking for a unique color in their heart gem can only fall in love with this beautiful two-tone tourmaline. Inside the crystal, animated by


Price:  569,00

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