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Pair of Green Tourmalines, drop cut, 3.05 ct tot.

[Cod. TO0156]

Beautiful pair of green tourmalines with an intense and warm color. The transparent and clear crystal is made very bright by the faceted cut in


Price:  275,00

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Green Tourmaline, cushion cut, 5.59 ct

[Cod. TO0151]

Deep and intense green and a refined and richly faceted cut for this beautiful cushion tourmaline of more than five carats. Brilliant crystal and full


Price:  468,00

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Rubellite Tourmaline, oval cut, 4.25 ct

[Cod. TO0153]

Beautiful example of Rubellite, with a magnificent purple red magnificently enhanced by the natural brilliance of the crystal and the richness of sparkles on the


Price:  552,00

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Mint colour Tourmaline, drop cut, 1.79 ct

[Cod. TO0152]

Tourmaline with a very rare and appreciated tint, the color is intense green with a secondary blue tint reminiscent of mint. The gem is very


Price:  248,00

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Rubellite Tourmaline, heart cut, 5.45 ct

[Cod. TO0155]

Magnificent specimen of Tourmaline variety Rubellite, whose five carats are distributed over large sizes. The lively color and the particular cut make this gem a


Price:  769,00

Paraiba Tourmaline, oval cut, 0.54 ct

[Cod. TO0150]

Among the rarest and most particular gems, Paraiba Tourmaline undoubtedly boasts a place of honor. This beautiful oval cut gem with a delicate and bright


Price:  378,00

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Pink Tourmaline, cushion cut, 6.65 ct

[Cod. TO0149]

specimen of Pink Tourmaline of excellent quality. The color is intense and very bright thanks to the cushion cut with rich facets. This tourmaline of


Price:  845,00

Green Tourmaline, cuscion cut, 4.99 ct

[Cod. TO0120]

the cushion cut gives this beautiful Verdelite Tourmaline gemstone a lot of shine and brilliance and at the same time enhances the different shades of


Price:  435,00

Green Tourmaline, drop cut, 3.18 ct

[Cod. TO0117]

Drop of tourmaline with an intense green and transparent crystal. This shape of the drop can be mounted in the classical verse or with the


Price:  265,00

Orange Tourmaline, cushion cut, 6.71 ct

[Cod. TO0139]

It is difficult to describe in a few words the very particular color of this beautiful tourmaline with a refined cushion cut: a peach pink


Price:  735,00

Orange Tourmaline, oval cut, 8.88 ct

[Cod. TO0142]

The nuances of color of this magnificent tourmaline are reminiscent of those of the precious Imperial Topaz: a warm and refined orange rose cleared by


Price:  939,00

Paraiba Tourmaline, oval cut, 2.39 ct (IGI)

[Cod. TO0134]

Paraiba tourmaline with an unusual light green color. For this variety we usually expect a more tending blue color but this tourmaline, accompanied by an


Price:  1.329,00

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